Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Boston 6-17 & 6-18

We went to Boston in June. We tried to go to a Boston Red Sox game but they were sold out both days. We might have been able to get tickets for the Sunday game but I really wanted to go to the JFK museum while we were there. I don't think Keith was too happy with me about it, but he got over it! :-) I was punishing him for walking my legs off on Saturday. We figured out that we had walked over 5 miles! I was so sore! :-)
This is as much as we saw of Fenway. It was cool just to be there but it would have been cooler to be inside!
This is the bar that the show Cheers was inspired by.

This is the MA state house.

After we've walked multiple hours. Can't you tell? I have the biggest bags under my eyes! :-)

At the JFK museum. We were just wanting some of the seal in the background, not necessarily the WHOLE thing! :-)

We went to the skywalk observatory after the JFK library. Had I not made us go, we could have been at this game!
We took a harbor cruise. Behind us is Harvard.

The beautiful Boston Skyline and some little kid's head.

The view from Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is behind us. I somehow managed to delete the actual picture of Bunker Hill and now can't get it back in here in order.

Our Harbor Cruise master told us about this hole in the way eatery near Bunker Hill, but the food was awesome!

Keith gets tired of posed pictures in front of things, so this was his suggestion for posing in front of Warren Tavern! :-)

The USS Constitution. We watched them play taps and take the flag down. They also shoot a fake cannon at sunset. It was kind of fun to watch.

This was after the "ceremony" at the USS Constitution and the last picture of the trip

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