Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kirk's Birthday 9-29-07

So we threw my uncle Kirk a 50th birthday party. It was a surprise and he was definitely surprised! It went off without a hitch surprisingly enough. Crazy, especially after I was gone ALL week in Atlanta, g0t home Friday night at 6pmm and the party was Saturday at 1pm. Thankfully the whole family brought food and I had run errands before I left so I just had set up to do when I got home. My mom and I about had WWIII though when I got home because I got home and the house was not spotless like Kate said it would be. I find out that Whit was not going to be around at all the next day when I was expecting her help and my mom was calling once an hour on the hour to see what all I had gotten done when all I wanted to do was just sleep and veg for a little bit.

We had made a handicap parking spot on the drive. We got Kirk there by telling him he was goign out to lunch. His friend Paul told him he had to "pick up a book from a friend before lunch". Kirk thought that Paul's friend was handicapped! :-)

We met him at the car with a walker that he had to walk in the house. When he got inside all of his friends and the rest of the family was waiting for him. We got the biggest kick out of his response because he was totally surprised and didn't know what to say. In complete shock.

This was his old man outfit. A plaid button up shirt with a pocket protector, big ears, bifocal glasses, and a comb over wig!

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