Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ready to Pull My Hair Out!

So I haven't quite got down this whole new job thing yet. We haven't found someone to take over my current position so in the meantime I'm pulling double duty. Now I have reps that expect to hear back from me as well as dealers that don't understand my new position so I feel like I'm not doing either job well. I'm just hoping we can get these people hired VERY shortly. Once I have someone to take over my territory I think it will be much easier to do my current position but right now I'm just trying to find a rhythm on how to do both.

I spent from Sunday to Wednesday of this past week in Kansas City for regional manager training. I'm excited about the people we have on the team and how well the whole group got along together and meshed with ideas. It was probably one of the most productive meetings I've ever been a part of.

The days were just really long. I flew in Sunday afternoon and we started at 8am Monday morning. For some reason I picked up a book at the airport, and for those of you that know me well know I don't read. Well I got into this book and couldn't put it down, but since I never read, I'm a terribly slow reader. I ended up staying up till 3:30am in the morning to finish this book, to only be disappointed that it really wasn't that great of a book! :-) Now I'm exhausted because I got up at 6am to finish some work stuff and then get ready by 8am. Our meeting went till 6pm and I headed back to the room grabbed some room service and worked till 11pm. For three days straight I didn't see the outside. So needless to say I was glad to get back home on Wednesday night.

I got to Kansas City airport about an hour before my flight left. It's a small airport so it wasn't a big deal to show up that late. I have my manager drop me off at the United terminal because that's what I flew in on. I have a laptop bag that I'm wheeling around(that makes a huge screeching noise everytime you stop which draws a lot of unwanted attention to yourself), my wheeler dufflebag and my purse. So I manage to maneuver my bags inside and check in at the self check in for United. I swipe my credit card for it to tell me that I need to check in at the American gate. I was confused seeing that I had flown United out, but of course was too lazy to print off my itinerary so I had to take the screen's word for it that it was correct. I ask someone how to get to to the American gate and he promptly points me in the direction of a shuttle sign.

So I drag my bags to the red shuttle sign and stand underneath it. By this point, Susan(my old manager who now works for Finance Express with me as well) has called me and telling me all about her day. Shannon(who is currently our "travel agent") had booked Susan's flight to Dallas. She has her flying into Dallas/Fort Worth but her rental car is apparently across town at another Dallas airport! On the way back her itinerary doesn't tell her which airport she's flying out of, so she just makes a guess hoping it's the right one. So as I'm enjoying her travel story because that kind of stuff always happens to me, the red shuttle shows up. I start walking towards it and it just takes off. Now I've got my phone on my shoulder and I'm chasing after this bus with my laptop bag and dufflebag dragging behind me while I'm yelling in Susan's ear, "wait, wait"! She is like what is going on?! I finally gave up since there was no way I was going to catch that bus when he pulls over a couple hundred feet further. So now I'm jogging after the shuttle. Not sure why it took off without me or why I was flying home on American when I flew out on United, but I got checked in with plenty of time to make my flight.

After a long week I just wanted to get hom with no snafus. When I got to Chicago and boarded the plane, my laptop bag is too wide to put above the overhead bins and won't fit under the seat fully either, so I just put it between my feet. I've NEVER had any issues with this in the past, but this stewardess thought she was going to make a power play with me and insist that the bag go under the seat. I informed her that it didn't fit and she insulted my intelligence by trying to tell me that if I just pushed it a little harder it would go. After demonstrating for her that it indeed would not fit as she insisted it would, she gave up and told me that halfway was good enough, when a minute before we would not be able to fly the plane unless my bag was fully under the seat in front of me! She did however require me to put my purse in the overhead bin. I figured if she felt like she had done her job by making me put that up above, I wasn't going to push it for I was in no mood to argue with her by this point! :-)

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