Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chris Kaufman's Wedding 9-15-07

So yesterday I went to a wedding with my friend Jon. All of our friends are bound determined that we should be together but we've just never been that way together. He picked me up and I wore my black dress with my favorite red paton shoes and red purse. Ironically Jon wore a black suit with a red tie. If I had a corsage we would have looked like we were going to prom! :-)

The funny thing about Jon is doesn't care about fashion at all. So he picks me up and is talking about how his suit is really tight. Apparently the suit was from high school and he's 20-30 pounds heavier than he was when he was in high school. To get the pants to fit he had them really high on his waist which was then causing them to be a couple inches short at the bottom! :-)

This is Philip and Stephanie. He actually barely threw up a fight to take the picture! :)
To get this normal smile out of Jon was after one weird photo and a series of nervous laughter that apparently makes him make this face. I was proud of him that it was the most normal smile I've ever seen out of Jon! :-)

Nate and Ruthie. They have quickly become Jon and I's favorite Office fans. Were trying to figure out when to have our premiere party! Ruthie also pulls off a nose ring better than anyone I know! It looks so cute on her!

The boys always have to have at least one compromising pose. They enjoy taking photos sleeping together, showering together, spooning in a sleeping bag, etc. This was actually pretty tame besides the whole sitting on laps! :-)

Kory and Ella. They missed the wedding because her zipper broke on the way down and they had to go shopping to find her something new to wear! :-)

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