Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nashville 8-24 & 8-25

Two weekends ago we went to Nashville as an end of summer road trip. We had a great time seeing the city and our favorite past time, EATING!

This was at Pancake Pantry. The food was great and the line was out the door to get in.
Philip hates his picture taken and he ended up being the only boy on the trip. At one point he told Steph, I don't care how much designer jeans cost! :-)

This was our family/tourist picture at the Grand Ole Opry. I feel like I should have my hand on Mandy's shoulder were so posed! :-)

This was at The Hermitage. It was Andrew Jackson's homestead before and after his presidency.

I thought these were weird looking cows. They are apparently called Belted Galloways, or Oreos whatever you'd like to call them!

Mandy posing in front of the Hermitage.

Neely's barbecue. Voted #1 Barbecue place in Nashville and yet we were the only ones in the restaurant during the dinner rush! However the food was really good!

Our attempts at looking like an awkward first date photo!

The girls

Mandy and I leaving our mark on Neely's.

I have no idea what this face is!
A little better, but it still looks totally staged!

Neely's will remember us forever!

Mandy and I got red cowboy hats and boy did we cause a stir! EVERYONE(mainly guys) wanted to know where we got them, if they could wear them, if we got them at the same place the Irish people they just met had gotten theirs, and the lines go on and on! :-)

This was at Tootsie's. We went to hear a band play. You would have thought that in Nashville of all places we would have fit right in with the hats, but oddly enough we were some of the only ones actually wearing them! :-)


Mandy said...

yay for having a blog!!! i'm glad you joined the world of blogging! i'll add you to my links on my blog.

Anonymous said...

cute would think that nashville would be the place to wear them. new blog...i am glad you started one...even though you're my neighbor now, i still don't see you as much as i would like.

- heidi