Thursday, April 9, 2009

For my Faithful Blog Readers!

So I was recently told that if I didn't post soon they one of my readers was going to file a complaint to the Adventures of Tyke! :-) So here you have it! This is what I've been up to for the last couple weeks!

I'm still in California. Winding down my last few days here. By the time I leave, I will have been out here over 6 weeks! My friends are revolting back home at my absence and have let me know that they will no longer let me go home to California because I always stay longer than I say I'm going to! :-)

It has been awesome to be home! The weather has been great for a majority of the time I've been here. The change of scenery and change of pace was much needed when I left. It's been VERY relaxing! I went from doing something every night of the week almost, to doing absolutely nothing which has been nice but I'm ready to get back to my fast paced life! haha I come here to get recharged after I've run myself down for too long.

I always get these brainiac ideas that seem like a good idea at the time but after I start them sometimes I realize I'm in over my head! I always keep hair products and toilietries here so I don't have to pack them when I come home. Well this time I decided why not have pajamas, workout clothes, socks, underwear, tennis shoes, a full set of make up, etc.? For the first 4 weeks I hadn't bought anything fun besides "necessity" stuff. People would ask me if I've been shopping. "Well as a matter of fact, I have been! I just bought some bronzer beads yesterday! Woo hoo!" So good idea in theory, but not probably the best idea overall. Oh well, now I have two of most everything. I will just have to make myself a list before I leave so I can remember what to still bring with me next time. Kate has also been sending me packages while I've been here. More clothes because I got VERY sick of the 5 shirts that I packed(I thought I was going to do a lot of shopping, didn't happen at the beginning of my trip! :-)), and sending back stuff to keep here rather than in IL.

Denise came out last Saturday. It's been great to have her here. She's game for whatever. Totally easy to please. Give her a little sun, shopping and some place she can eat fish/sushi, she's a happy camper! :-) She leaves tomorrow and I'm a little sad about that but my walled will be glad for a break. We've been doing a lot of shopping! haha

This is Mom and I at Laguna beach. Can you tell were looking straight into the sun?

I just happened to have two pairs of sunglasses in my purse! Ahh, much better!

I thought I would be funny and send a message to all my friends back home that I was at the beach while they were in the snow. Karma.......well you know what they say! As soon as the camera went off, the wave came in and got my pants soaked, erased my message and washed away my mom's shoe!

We had a great time people watching! Ever look at couples and wonder how they got together or why people thought that that outfit seemed like a good choice when they picked it out of their closet that morning? I know I'm terrible, but seriously who wears a gold dress with lime green shoes?!

I hadn't been out of the house in a week. Mom and Dad took pity on me and treated me to dinner out! One of our favorite steakhouses. If you wear a tie in there, they cut it off your neck and staple it to the wall!

Dad found the sign above his head more interesting then the picture!

There we go!

Yeah, Denise is here! We were playing soccer mom for the day. With only two cars and four people, we had to drop my mom off at her meeting and pick her back up! Oh to be 15 again! :-)

We look like were glowing! It's because were so angelic! haha

I told Denise that the lines on her face match the lines on her shirt!

Why are table pictures always so awkward? No one knows where to put their hands, or tilt their heads, and do we only take pictures when we eat?! APPARENTLY! :-)

Our first night we sat on the back patio, lit up the gazebo, turned on some tunes and caught up on some much needed long overdue girl talk!

While she was doing that........

I was.......taking pictures of myself feeling sorry for myself because I had to work! haha I've been here almost 6 weeks and just discovered I could work outside?!?! Are you kidding me? What was I thinking?! :-)

Denise got a little red her first day out! Little being the key word! I don't know how many times I tell people the sun is more intense here, they just don't believe me. It's always, "well I lay out at home with no sunscreen for 5 hours, blah, blah, blah! Well this isn't home, and here you're going to fry! I hate to tell ya I told ya so! haha

I stole Kate's signature "hand on the hip" pose, but I've discovered it makes my arms look WAY skinnier this way, so get ready to see it more often! :-)

Please excuse my horribly manicured nails. I did get them done the next day. I think I could have passed for one of those ladies that wears like 3 inch long fake nails. They were definitely daggers. Oh and someone told me that my watch was too big and that a blind man would be able to tell time off it from across the room. Now that may be a BIT of a stretch, but it is large! :-) Oh and the watched stopped working around 4:45!

Denise had had a rough night. The sun had apparently fried her brain. Here's some examples: In H&M she shows me a dress and says she likes it but she's not sure about the size, but couldn't find anymore of them in the store. I said you mean the dress that's directly in front of us about 20 feet away?
Example 2: Same dress, asks an employee about the sizing and finds out that it's women's and not juniors. She says ok, well then I need a 4 and starts rummaging through the rack. I said, wasn't a 4 what you had in your hand when you first showed it to me? She was like, oh yeah it was!
Example 3: We were trying to figure out a place to eat. I stopped in front of a directory to look at our choices. She says, do you think there's a directory around here? I look at her kind of funny and say, "why yes there is! Behold!" And did the whole Vanna White/Bob Barker girls reveal of the directory to her. She says, "oh is that why you stopped right here?" "Um, yes it is!" :-)
She laid off the sun the next day. The break has brought her back to her senses! haha

Another awkward dinner picture! Seriously, it's a mix between me trying to flex to show off my oh so huge muscles or trying to hoist myself out of the booth! You decide! :-)

The martinis were great. I got a Sweet Tart. Appropriately named. At first it's sweet kind of like cough syrup and then the after taste is tart. The inventor of the name is genius! :-)

Denise with her infamous directory!

"Is there a directory around here somewhere?"

One of my favorite spots! I've always wanted to go on this ferris wheel so I suggested it to Denise. After giving me the pity nod like she thought it might be a good idea, she casually mentioned that it might be more fun to do with a boy! Well if I had a boy to go on it with, do you think I'd be asking you to go on it with me?! haha Maybe another time! :-)

We went to 4 malls, in 4 cities, in ONE DAY! It was nuts but we had a blast! This was our second mall AND our second time at this mall this week. Fashion Island definitely gets it's name honestly. Why do people think they can charge $100 for a t-shirt?!

By dinner, we were exhausted AND I realized I had forgotten my camera that day! Talk about annoyed! Denise had hers but we had no upload cord for hers, so this is how hardcore I am. I couldn't possibly wait to post these pictures to Facebook until we get back. They would be all out of order with our days if we did that, and we have faithful fans following our shopping treks daily! haha So we go to CVS pharmacy after dinner to download her pics to a CD so I could save them to my computer! Now aren't you glad you have these photos to be able to see today and not next Wednesday? :-)

Denise has a theme going on. Stripes and solids! It's either a striped cardigan with a solid tank underneath or a striped tank with a solid cardigan over. I'm trying to break her out of her shell this trip. And to those of you that know her well I have outlawed her from buying any lacy tanks! haha

So the waitress took our picture three times and we liked the first one the best....go figure!

So this is a bit exaggerated. This is from multiple days and about one item per bag, but you get the idea. We've made our rounds and we've enjoyed EVERY minute of it! Heidi if you're reading this, I will probably have some clothes for you when I get home after I clean out my closet from last year with what I'm replacing it with! :-)

All that shopping really takes it out of you! :-) Oh and is it just me or does Denise look like that guy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the white eyebrows?! This picture makes her eyelids look like they're glowing! haha

Ok so maybe the sun brain damage hasn't full worn off. Example 4:
Me: "The Buckle sells Ed Hardy"
D: "What's Ed Hardy?"
Me: "You know, the trucker hats and those really wild, rhinestoned shirts that have like skulls and hearts and stuff on them?"
D: "Oh yeah, I think I have that perfume. It's Ed Hardy by Christina Aguilera"
Me: "Oh really? I didn't know she was a spokesperson for Ed Hardy."
LOOK VERY CLOSELY AT THE PICTURE!!!! Christina Aguilera......Christian Audigier.......ALMOST the same thing! :-)


Anonymous said...

I am glad you finally posted! It looks like such a relaxing time...wish I could have come while you were there. Maybe one of these days.
Also, keep shopping! haha

Josh said...

WHAT! It took you that long to figure out you can work outside. Come on! :)

Rebekah said...

ahem...Heidi, I hope you pass along your stuff when you get Tara's old stuff. :) :)

Tara, I'm glad you posted. I've been missing you and wondering how it's going out there. Looks like fun! Come back soon so we can begin our lunches!

Tami said...

tara, you're lookin' GOOD!...hmm, why is it that all my comments today have to do with how good you girls look. sorry. :)
man, i'm exhausted just looking at your pictures...i couldn't keep up with you girls when it comes to shopping!