Sunday, April 12, 2009


It was a gorgeous Easter Sunday! Mom sang for all four services at church starting at 5am for Sunrise. They actually do sunrise here when the sun rises! Dad and I weren't too interested in seeing the sun rise this morning so we chose first service at 7:45am instead. :-)

After church, we headed to the club to get in some golf. I hadn't picked up a club in about a year and it just drives my dad nuts when I play "well" for not having played in so long. He can't understand why I don't play more often. He's bound determined that if I played with some regularity that I could go pro and he'd carry my bag! His dream......not mine! :-)

We only played after we hooked up with another couple on the course. My dad knew them, surprise surprise! He knows EVERYONE at the club! It's funny. He's so well liked and they all call him Hubie. We were trying to figure out if what I was wearing, I could wear into the clubhouse for Easter brunch. The wife of the couple we were playing with politely said that she thought the club preferred a more modest top than what I had on, but quickly ended with, "not saying your top isn't modest!" :-) So it's a smidge big! I didn't realize how big until I started trying to play golf in it! :-)

After golf, we headed home and I caught some rays out by the pool, before coming in and watching the Masters with my dad. He was way more upset for Phil than Phil was over his mistakes on 15 and 17 and was still heartbroken for Kenny Perry when we were at dinner over his loss to Angel Cabrera. You would have thought he had lost the Masters! :-)

We went to Beach Fire for dinner where we had the funniest waiter. He was one of those types that was fun to joke around with. My parents were contemplating setting me up with him. Then he told us he was really into dancing and theatre and I think they changed their tune! haha

It was a great Easter! I head home Tuesday and I have mixed emotions about leaving. I'm ready to see all my friends and get back into a routine but will be sad to say goodbye to my parents.

First hole went better than expected.

Form is good.....ball didn't quite as far or high as I would have liked, but it was straight! :-)

He taught me everything I know!

It was further than it looks......

And I made it! You could also see right down my top so I used paint and spray painted myself a little black tank underneath my tank just for this picture! haha Maybe it wasn't modest!

Too bad you can't see a video. He hits it so long and hard. Looks like it should hurt!

So someone asked me if I made it over the water.........the answer is NO! :-)

Our last hole. My eyes were going nuts! Should have taken some allergy meds before we started.

Dad said I had to hold a club so I could prove to my friends I actually played! :-)

This is out of order, but this was after church. We went backstage to see mom.

Dad told me that mom would talk about how much she loved the porch at this restaurant and that if she ever built a house this is the kind of porch she would want. It was funny, because we had barely sat down before she started in on how great the porch was! :-)

Dad doesn't like this photo. He looks a little tired I guess. He said, we already have lots of pictures of you and me. I said, I know, but not of me in this shirt! He said, then let's just take a picture of the shirt! It doesn't quite work that way! :-)


Rebekah said...

Hey Tara,
I'm going to be glad to see you again...but I can see why you'll miss your parents. They are so great. Tell them a big hello.

and I love the shirt...Uncle Dave it was definitely worth the picture.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bek...I was thinking that shirt is too cute...can't wait till you're sick of it. haha.

Also, great job on the black spray paint!


Tami said...

i've got to become the same size as you...apparently, i'm missing out on a jackpot!!!