Monday, April 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

So after 6 1/2 weeks of being in California, it's finally time to say goodbye and head home. It's been a great time for work, relaxation, shopping, sun and spending time with my parents. Some of the funny things and highlights from my stay have been:

1. Going to the gym with my dad after work or in the mornings.

2. Watching Kutcher back up onto the wedge every night. She needs a beeper!

3. Listening to the caller ID try to pronounce the names of whose calling. It's terrible but entertaining. When Future Films for families called and and it came up as FFFF, the caller ID said that fuuuuuuuuuf was calling! When CDC called, it was kaduck!

4. Mom - "This guy called the office today trying to get information."
Dad - "Was it Oscar Montoya?"
Mom - "Um, I don't think so. His name was Adrienne."
Dad - "Well if his name was Adrienne, then his name wasn't Oscar Montoya."
Mom - "Oh yeah, you're right."

5. Dad - "What time do services start at Costa Meca(supposed to be Costa Mesa)?"
Me - "Is that Calvary Chapel in Mexico?"

6. When Heidi called me and mom left her on hold for minutes on end while she shrieked while trying to give me the phone because she thought she saw a rat run under the bush. As she said, you didn't see that tail!

7. Watching the Masters or any golf for that matter with my dad and laughing at how the announcers seem to have a microphone in our house because they repeat my dad word for word seconds after he does a running commentary on what's going on.

8. Laying out almost every day after work and then making dinner for mom and dad afterwards.

9. Finding some great deals and revamping my spring wardrobe

10. Having Denise out for a week and catching me up on all my girl chat time!

11. Walking out to the parking lot and my dad informing me that he parked on an angle because the car next to him had parked crooked. When I asked why he told me that he said he knew I was going to make fun of him, so he was just being proactive!

12. Mom telling me that with different groups of people she acts differently because with certain people they actually think she's funny! :-)

13. Going golfing with my dad.

14. Trying new restaurants to eat out.

15. Taking Kutcher on walks and seeing her bark to let the neighborhood know she's out and about!

16. And last but not least.......when my mom told me that I needed to help Kate with her WD-40 to get her taxes filed. You mean 1040 mom? :-)

Starting to pack.

My home away from home for the last 6 weeks.

My last meal. That makes it sound like I'm death row! Guess I should say, my last meal in California. I love Daphne's!

One last chance to have fro-yo!

We laugh every night when she does this. She's like a garbage truck backing up. We say she needs a little beeping noise!


Holli said...

sounds like you had so much fun! I would be sad too!
Miss you!

Tami said...

it was fun to see the picture of your house again! it reminds of the house (outside) of father of the bride. by the way, that's a pretty awesome pillow your dad has under his legs! :)