Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cubs/Cards Game

Well I haven't been to a Cubs game in two years so I decided to do something about that. When tickets went on sale, I sat in a virtual waiting room for about 3 hours and was able to track down tickets for 4 different games. Today was the first of the 4 and it was Cubs vs. Cardinals.

Tami has never been to Wrigley and we've talked about going to a game for a couple years now so we decided to make it happen. We had a great time. Somehow we left town around 8:30am and didn't make it to the game till about 20minutes before, but we had a great time! It just felt like a long day when we didn't get home till about 13 hours later!

I should always trust my gut about the weather though. The last time I went to a game, someone told me I'd look dumb(they shall remain nameless) dragging blankets into the game and then we froze and had to sign up for credit cards to get free blankets to stay warm! So this time, I came prepared! I brought two blankets, but started questioning the need for them. Let's just say when you're not in the sun, and there's a breeze off the lake........TAKE THE BLANKETS! Always take the blankets! You can always sit on them if it's hot, but when in doubt, take the blankets! :-)

And you can't help but love a sporting even that brings out the worst in people! It's funny that in a normal setting when you're walking down the street, you wouldn't consider walking up to someone, get in their face and start yelling or trash talking but you throw on a jersey and it's a whole new ballgame! I love it that we get so offended when people say something not so nice about our team. Makes you want to throw down right in the street and show them who's boss, even if your team did just lose miserably! haha

I gave her one job......HOLD THE TICKETS!!!! I grabbed my phone, camera charger, two blankets, phone numbers for my conference call, directions to the train station and my purse. Two minutes down the road, I say, "do we have the tickets?" and Tami's like "oh no!" I think I left them on the counter! Geesh! haha Just teasing Tam!

All of our road trips have to start and end with pictures and a few weird ones mixed in! :-)

If you can't see what that says, it's a reminder that Tami is supposed to be babysitting for Heidi! About the time Heidi called to see where she was at was the time that the reminder went off! Oops!

Gotta love the 8am conference calls and all the dealers that don't know I have the day off that took up half my morning. My Jersey dealers are the best! When I call back, she always answers the phone "Hiiiiiiii, Tah-rah!" kind of drawn out like a southern accent but in Jersey terminology!

So we leave at 8:15am, the game is at 1:20pm. We got to the game at 1pm! How in the world does a drive to Joliet, a train to downtown, and the L over to the stadium take 4 hours?!?! You can tell the train ticket takers love their job too. Between all the incessant hole punching of tickets that they've already punched and yelling at people to keep their feet in, they were VERY pleasant!

So I was told that bleecher seats are the best. I bet they are if you show up more than 20 minutes before the game starts! It was packed so we settled for some seats by the tv cameras. We could ALMOST see third base!

Um, wasn't quite ready for this picture!

She caught me! Always checking email, Facebook, and rubbing it in to everyone I know with pictures and text that I was at the game while they were working!

A little game action. Looks like his arm is going to fly off with the ball!

It was a great game till the Cubs had the bases loaded and blew it!

The little man that lives in the scoreboard!

People walked in front of us ALL day! I thought I was more discrete when I was checking out their backsides as they passed by! haha

He was on the phone trying to track down C and U!

So did you know that after the game is over, you have about 2.5 seconds before they escort you out! Not a lot of tolerance for after game pictures. However, when you're one of the few sober in the crowd, I can understand the impatience.

We wanted a picture of the field behind us. Got four patches of grass! Awesome! But don't forget that amazing sign were standing in front of! The guy that took our picture insisted it was a good picture opp minus the bird poop between Keep and show! :-)

Seriously, how can you not like Wrigley? So much history!

The guys on the subway told me that I didn't look like I was going to a Cubs game the way I was dressed. I can't help it if my Cubs shirt shrunk!!! So I pulled out my baseball cap to prove I was a fan!

So something about me with my hat backwards seemed to strike us funny........

However, even funnier when this guy wanted to take a picture with me! Could I possibly look any more freaked out?! haha

My version of ghetto! :-)


Rebekah said...

hey Tara,
it's so funny that you and tami can have the exact same pictures with different commentary and still both be so funny.

It looks like a fun time!

It's so funny when I see the pictures of you with Tami, you look so tan. When you had the pictures in Cali with Denise you didn't look that tan at all...boy! Denise must be really tan!

I must look REALLY white!

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had such a great time! How fun...i'm glad Tami could go with you.


Tami said... go down in the books as one of the best people to road trip with. :) you're hilarious...loved the post!!! i think the 3 additional paragraphs were a good addition!