Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goodbye Denise/Happy Birthday Mom!

So Denise headed home yesterday begrudgingly. Who would want to go back to 44 degree weather when you could stay in the sunshine?! :-) It was a great week though! I'm pretty sure she had a relaxing spring break filled with sun, shopping, eating out, new sights, girl talk, and working out. What more could you want from a vacation, right?

My dad asked me if I was sad to see her go. I said, well yeah, but I'll see her in four days so I think I'll survive till then! :-) He immediately said, well when are you going to see ME again?!

So today is my mom's birthday! My aunt Cheryl gave me a great suggestion for my mom on some Versace perfume that she had tried of Cheryl's over spring break. Mom had totally forgotten about it, so it was a nice little surprise. Whit and Kate and I also went in on a gift card to American Airlines for her so we can all take a trip together to NYC. Mom has never been and has always wanted to go. She was VERY excited about that.

So we spent the day doing what girls love to do.......SHOP! Surprisingly, we made it to some stores I had not gone to yet with Denise! That's why I love California. You can shop everyday for an entire week and still have more to see! haha After that we had lunch at Maggianos. Yum!

I about had to push her onto the plane! :-)

So pictures when your hair is in a ponytail just never looks as good as it did in the mirror that morning! :-)

Our waitress was in a bit of a hurry, so were lucky to have even gotten this picture!

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Tami said...

okay, in regards to the post before this one with the bathing suit, there doesn't have to be a swim suit picture...only when you have good bodies! :) believe me, there are NO annual swim suit pictures for this girl. :)