Sunday, February 22, 2009

"4 Doors Down" Concert

So Ash hooked us up with tickets to the 3 Doors Down concert. They were in a suite and everything. As Tim put it best, "you know we would be the type of people that would go and watch a concert in a suite when none of us really are that big of fans of any of the bands"! I couldn't have even told you in advance a song that 3 Doors Down plays. I mean I knew I would recognize their songs but couldn't name any off the top of my head. The concert was fun, just a lot of opening bands. 3 opening bands for a group that you're not THAT excited about is a little much! :-)

They started out at Maguires for food and drink before the concert. Ash and Holly ran into Susan from 101.5 in the bathroom and Holly said she made a joke about the old paper towel dispenser like "What's with the 1984 paper towel dispenser?" Holly was like she stole my joke! I always say stuff like 1912 called and wants that back! I said, you make comments about the victorian era a lot?! :-)

Poor Jen, she didn't feel well that night and had to leave a couple songs into 3 Doors Down playing.

Ash and Jen were telling everyone that they were going to the 4 Doors Down concert. People were asking them when the 4th door was added!

Ash thought it was a little cold in the suite so she broke out the gloves. She thought it was because of the ice rink, but I think it was because of the ice cold drink in her hands! :-)

Luke thought that Hoobastank was called Oopastake. We pretty much butchered EVERY band name!

Yes, Jen really is trying to climb on top of Ash! :-)

Tim and I caught up on some Jessica Simpson celebrity gossip. I was so impressed he knew so much! It must be his new wife's influence! :-)

Holly and Ash really getting into "Sleether" as Denise called them, or their real name Seether!

3 Doors Down

This was shortly before the main singer jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed.

We had a great time even though we couldn't get any of the band names right. We had SafetySuit that Ash thought was the Red Cross, Hoobstank aka Oopastake, Oobastick, Hoobastink, Seether aka Sleether, and 3 Doors Down aka 4 Doors Down!

Hols and I liked the first pictre better. Ash and Denise liked the second one better, so I posted both. You decide! :-)

So you had to have a "suite" stamp on your hand AND on your ticket. We were told that EITHER one would get you in and out, but NOOOOOOOO.......the 80 year old nazi woman at the door required that you have not only the stamp on your hand and your stamped ticket if you wanted to get in and out. She ran a tight ship! I'm pretty sure we could have taken her but we decided to just be nice! :-)

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Tami said...

There were many thoughts that came to my mind:
huge martini glass
cameron diaz
cute pink camera
sexy gloves
a lot of tanish coloring
my personal bubble would have been feeling invaded
holly-rae with really long hair!
humungous stage
head massage
like the first picture better
very long pointer finger