Sunday, February 22, 2009

Water Street

We(well it was my first time, the rest of them had been there before) tried out a new fondue place in Peoria. It's called Water Street. They don't have meat fondue yet, but apparently that is soon to come. It was great catching up with these girls. There was a lot of PCS talk that brought back a lot of memories because I remember spending countless hours at Marissa's house with Marissa and these girls at times hearing about all these classmates. Felt like old times!

The window seat they were sitting on looked cute but wasn't quite as comfy as it was cute!

If ever a lull in conversation, Courtney and I always have plenty of reality tv to talk about! :-)

The fondue was very good, but we all agreed there could have been just a bit more cheese!

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Tami said...

fondue sounds awesome!!! :) i feel like you've gotten to hang out with marissa a lot lately...that's so fun! what a table full of beautiful ladies! :) is this part of your official rotation or is this an add in? :) why haven't i made it onto your rotation yet? :)