Monday, February 2, 2009

Yet Another Wedding Reception!

So one of Brandon's co-workers got married and their wedding reception was this past weekend. Brandon forgot about it and didn't say anything to me till late Thursday night. That left me with a day to figure out what to wear! Boys! Always waiting till the last minute! :-) So Whit and I did an overhaul on my closet and found a dress that I already owned so I didn't have to go and buy something. I love it when that happens. We had a lot of fun and I got to meet all of Brandon's co-workers. We felt a little overdressed with some people at the reception in a jeans!

I'm loving hte fact that I actually look sort of tan in this picture and it's JANUARY! That never happens!

John works with Brandon at the dealership and this is his girlfriend Randi

John and Randi were cracking us up all night. John can eat like no one else. He went back for seconds on the wings and it was either the spiciness of the wings or the fact that we were all watcihng him that made him start sweating!

RJ had had quite a bit to drink and would make his rounds around our table multiple times throughout the evening. His glass of beer was always almost full and he didn't have a very steady hand. I was sure I was going to get beer dumped on me as he passed by. However, one time he would walk through because my purse was in the way. Guess he couldn't just step over it! :-)

These are all the guys Brandon works with minus Terry, the other F&I manager.

Julie is their sales manager and RJ thought he'd be funny and act like he was touching her boob.....

Julie had no clue!

Randi and I had almost the same dress on just in different patterns and she's like the same height as me! Not very often that I meet girls that stand eye level with me! :-)

The boys! Brandon kept calling John the St. Bernard all night and he's the Chihuahua that yaps at the big dog! Funny that guys would refer to themselves as dogs especially a chihuahua.

Trying to look all big and tough. John showing off what he calls his "ridiculous jaw line" and Brandon trying to be a Spartan and he calls himself "301"!

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Tami said...

you DO look tan. what's up with that?! especially next to B who always looks tan in your pictures! seems like he's had a lot of friends get married recently!