Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rascal Flatts Concert

Rascal Flatts were in town last night and Brandon's sister got us tickets. Jessica Simpson opened for them which was a little odd since you think of her as being a powerhouse on her own rather than an opening act. She did well. She definitely can pull off country. Not sure why the media has been all over her about her weight either. She looked great. I think they just take the worst picture they can find and say it looks like she's gained 20 pounds. I mean seriously.....who looks good in high waisted jeans?! They give you a butt a mile long, a pooch for a stomach and make you look like you have huge hips!

Rascal Flatts were great in concert! Probably one of the few bands that I could sit and listen to every song and like it and not be bored at their concert. They are good entertainers as well. Very entertaining concert. We had a lot of fun. I met Darren, Erika and Brandon in Champaign and had a quick dinner and then headed to the concert.

If you can truly gain 20 pounds when you're 5'3" and still wear daisy duke shorts, then I would say you look pretty good!

A little dark but close up of her on the jumbotron. She didn't look like she tried very hard on her hair. It was kind of stringy! She did say she was nervous which I was surprised by. However, she apparently had a meltdown the night before forgetting some of the words to her songs, so maybe that was it.

Darren and Erika, Erika told Darren she'd let him wear flannel shirts and cowboy boots if he'd spike his hair rather than as she calls it, "the combover"!

We had all kinds of time to take this picture when Brandon went to find the restroom. He was gone 20 minutes! Apparently they shut down one of the men's bathrooms for the girls to use and shut it down right as he walked up. The next one was on the opposite end of the arena!

I told him I was wearing navy as a joke, but I noticed once I saw the pictures later that he had actually worn navy too! A boy that likes to match, I tell ya! :-)

The stage and graphics were pretty cool! You can tell from this picture that our seats were not that close. Darren kept complaining of nose bleeds!

Thankfully my camera zooms in pretty decent

This guitar player was from Kankakee. It looks like Gary is grabbing his butt but I don't think that was actually the case!

He was an amazing violinist!

One of the few that I was able to get of all three of them without it being blurry!

Zooming in on the jumbotron again!

Made it feel like we were so close! :-)

One of the few times that having two first names works: Joe Don! :-)

I think that Joe Don looks like Kate's boyfriend, Phil. Whit and Kate don't agree!

I was trying to get my arm behind Brandon's shoulder, but the girl took it before I accomplished that, so instead I decided to just show off my chest! :-)

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Tami said...

so you DID get invited! :) i agree, jessica simpson does NOT look fat!!! i heard that she had a meltdown on stage in Michigan because of pressures she's felt from the tabloids regarding her weight. i feel bad for her, but on the other hand, she's getting paid millions...she needs to get it together and do her job instead of crying because she feels fat. yikes. i sound sooo rude!!!
i think you look really cute in the last picture, and i have to say, the close up pictures of the rascal flatts are a little disturbing! :)