Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Evening with the Van Hoofs!

Holly has fallen off the face of the Earth since she got married, so it was nice to be able to catch up with her, Tim and the girls. Al was cheering so we went to the Epiphany 8th grade boys sectional game. It was a close game and they ended up winning by 6 I believe it was. Very close until the last couple of minutes!

Funny how things change since we were 8th graders. First, no one seems to care what they wear. I remember being so particular about what I wore to a game. You HAD to be decked! Come on, you had to impress the boys! These girls were as Hols called it "in the hoodie club". North Face, Uggs, ponytails and hooded sweatshirts flooded the gym.

After the game, they all rushed the floor to cheer and scream with the team for the win! 8th grade boys apparently don't shower after a game because the cute cheerleaders awaiting them outside their locker room was more important! :-)

After dinner we headed to our favorite new mexican restaurant in town, El Toro. I just wish it wasn't on the COMPLETE opposite corner of town from my house. I might as well drive to Morton for dinner! :-)

Tim didn't even bauk at having his picture taken! He usually tells me that they don't look any different since the last time I took their picture!

The girls were filling me in on their first Hollywood experience where they got to meet Selena Gomez from Disney Channel. Sadly, I know who she is! I had to confess that I watch Disney Channel occasionally! Don't judge! :-)

Hols, for the record.....a Chalupa is a crunchy taco with beans, lettuce and cheese. Make a mental note to self so you don't have to ask the next time we go there! She asks EVERYTIME and we go there A LOT! :-)

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Tami said...

first off, i like the chocolate picture! secondly, i've recently heard about el toro from a friend. thirdly, i think when whit and i are done with hcg, we should take a trip there. fourthly, i like the pictures of the vanhoofs! holly looks really sophisticated! it's fun to see her and tim as a married couple! and as always, i just think tim's daughters are so cute!