Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Coffee

Ashley and I(more Ashley than me) had a Valentine's Day coffee at her house for all of our friends. It all began with some heart shaped valentine's cookies that Elsa had and didn't need. I was glad she did! It was great to get everyone together! It was even better because Margaret was there and did all the set up and clean-up which allowed Ashley and I to mingle the entire time.

If Amy hasn't noticed this on Facebook yet, she will probably kill me that I put this picture on my blog as well. However, I don't think she ever takes a bad picture!

Candice doesn't like her picture taken either but she doesn't have Facebook and it doesn't sound like she's on the computer a lot, so I'm good! :-)

Ash's cousin Georgia said she needed some new cute jeans after being around everyone at the coffee. Too cute! I thought her jeans looked just fine!

Haley had just gotten back from Florida!

Katie and Carmella, Katie made this awesome salmon egg salad things! Not sure what all was in them(well obviously salmon and egg salad), but they were good!

Kate was loving the fact that Holly was totally washing her out!

The pink was totally planned, but the picture of the girls in pink was not. They were just all coincidentally all standing talking together!

Allison is showing off the cookies that inspired the whole coffee.

Haley waited as long as she could before she had to leave to go feed the baby!

Old buds

Ashley said that if you can see the skin between your eyebrows then you know the picture is too close, and I think that is a good rule of thumb to live by! :-)

Yes, Heidi, you do look like Sarah Palin with the bangs and glasses, but I still like the bangs! :-)

How is it that I was wearing flats, Ash is on heels and I'm still a foot taller than everyone?! I think Holly was slauching! :-)

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Tami said...

okay, i'm not sure why all these girls hate getting their picture taken! they look awesome! wow...seeing these pictures feels like a blast from the past! wish i could have been there...oh the joys of 3rds. :( i need to relish in your parties while i can 'cause one of these days we'll be sitting there with your 10 kids talking about how these were the good ol' days. :)