Monday, February 2, 2009


Ben and Marissa had us over for Superbowl again this year. Good game but disappointed that the Cardinals didn't win. You can always count on Superbowl to be good food, good company and you hope some good commercials. My favorite were the E-trade commercials. I think that little baby is hilarious!

Andy is now home after his season ended with Kansas City. He still supports his Wheaton Thunder! Avery decided to pee all over her changing table so she got a last minute bath before bed!

Becky Reese holding Mark and Becky's little guy Caleb. Such a cutie. He came about a month early, but Becky was glad to get off of bed rest.

Oh Daniel! Always such a character! He called on one of my old clients from BSC and dropped my name as a reference to get a quote! :-)

You may ask why I was wearing a Rams jersey. Well you see.....I have two of them and I never get to wear them except for Superbowl, so I figure I would show my support for Kurt Warner's old team and wear it. However, I didn't know that Kurt Warner was an old Rams player until about 2pm yesterday! :-)

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Tami said...

looks like a fun night! three cheers for the cardinals (even if they didn't win). funny story...I was at ringger's and we were watching the post game interviews where they were saying that the cardinals were kind of a cinderella story and how no one believed in them. jami said, "if they had won the game, they could have made a movie of it!" to which i informed her that i thought they already had. then leslie said, "besides, it's just proven everyone that didn't believe in them that they were right!" i thought it was funny, although i cheered for the cardinals and wished they had won! it was a great game.