Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Evening Out

So this was my third trip to Morton this week. I do dinner with all my married friends throughout the week and just happened to all land on the same week. It's always good to catch up with friends and see their kids. Amy and Adam are total night owls, so I don't feel bad when I'm there till almost midnight! :-)
Tanner is such a cutie. He told me that he doesn't drink pop because his uncle Matt told him it makes you little!
Tanner told me, "you're a dude!" His vocabularly is expanding nicely! :-)

A quick picture of Bennett before Adam got back. He hates headbands with bows!

Tanner had a couple wardrobe changes. This was his "Bears" jersey(it's actually Illini, shhh don't tell him!) to watch the game with his dad. Here he was showing me his muscles but he moved right as the picture went off so it looks like he's getting ready to do a cheer instead!

Tanner as The Hulk

He insisted that I tried it on. Don't you love my hair hanging out the sides of it?! The mask was definitely made for kids. It was smashing my nose!

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