Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waffle Night & Stick Shift Lesson Number 3

So about a year ago, we talked about doing a waffle night. We've talked about it for so long I wasn't sure it would actually happen, but Josh got it on the calendar and today August 20th was fateful WAFFLE NIGHT!
While Denise and Steph took up all the counter space, I worked on top of the mini fridge!
It was a competition to see who had the better waffle iron. The circle or the square. When Josh asked me when I walked in circle or square, I thought we were playing one of those personality games and I got nervous how I should answer, but it was just the shape of the waffle! Whew! The circle one(Steph's waffle iron) won!

I sent Kate to the store for "cut-up pineapple". She came home with pineapple that you cut up! Thank goodness Josh had this handy little gadget that cored the pineapple. I'm pretty sure the leaves on the pineapple were twice as long as the actual fruit itself! They were just babies!

This was the first batch of bacon which was REALLY good. The second batch, not so much! It shrunk to half its size and pretty much changed colors. It resembled a kind of shade of charred!

While we all worked, Philip chilled

Denise and Josh were VERY excited about the blueberry and cherry pie filling. Josh was cleaning some silverware right before dinner. I caught a couple spoons that still had soap residue on them before we ate. Waffles with a little Dawn dish soap didn't exactly sound the most tasty! :-)

Philip and Stephanie are thinking about going to Hawaii in January, however Philip being frugal as he is is having second thoughts on paying the airfare. He said, "there's beaches everywhere, why don't we just go to one near here?" Not quite what Steph had in mind!

So Greg let me drive his camaro! With only two stick shift lessons under my belt, this was a big step and very trusting of Greg. I'm sure he feels differently now! See the lights on on the car behind me? That's because Greg threw me the keys for the Camaro and when I hit unlock it unlocked his Suburban instead. The keys apparently look very similar.

I believe this was shortly after I killed it ten times in the middle of Washington Blacktop! Seriously, who owns a stick shift?!?! Can you tell I was stressed?

This would be a look of relief! I've never been so glad to get out of the driver's seat in my entire life. Can you see my hands shaking in the picture?! Greg wasn't the most supportive instructor. My stopping to first gear needs some work and when I would turn a corner and say "that wasn't very good" he was like "no, it wasn't!" Heidi, I want you back! Even when I kill it, you're like but you did good until then! :-)

So being the most tan in the picture was short lived. Denise has a way of humbling me like that!

Me and my not so supportive stick shift instructor, Greg. It looks like were holding holds.......WERE NOT!

Um, I can't remember what was going on here, but we weren't ready.
I believe there was some fantasy baseball trade conversation going on..........I was just humoring him.

I thought something was hilarious while Greg on the otherhand was like "Tara, seriously let's take this picture already!"

Greg had selective hearing. When Ben Zobrist is batting, he apparently goes deaf!

Our Waffle Night group and Denise on her booster chair!


Anonymous said...

Tara, I am at your disposal whenever you need another stick-shift lesson.

Great job posting...I am glad Tami is somewhere smiling down on your blog.


Minders said...

How fun! Waffles for supper is so yummy! Michael makes GREAT waffles. We've started having them almost every Saturday morning we are home...which hasn't been for quite a while!

My first car was a stick shift! My dad insisted that I know how to drive stick (I think it was just because my sister was getting rid of her stick shift car and it was really cheap). But now I am very glad that I know how to drive stick! I may have killed it driving out of the school parking lot the first day I had my license but at least I got home...eventually! :)

Holli said...

the question is do you wish you were holding hands?- he isn't blonde, his head is up right and doesn't look like he has a club foot. What more can you ask for?:)

tamika paige said...

definitely glad to see all the new pictures! :) maybe we should do some kind of "food night" once I can eat normal food! I still have yet to eat the pancakes I've been craving!!!

Jeff and Abby said...

my kids LOVE waffles. and jeff and i LOVE to go out. just letting you know.