Sunday, August 17, 2008

For Tami's Enjoyment!

So I have quite the reputation to keep because one of the ten things that makes Tami smile is reading my picture captions and one of the things that makes her frown is knowing that I have taken pictures that I have not posted, so I hate to disappoint! Tami, I will have you know that I rushed home from the pool and edited the pictures real quick to get them online just for you! :-)
Kate came home last night and loves to get the party started right away so to make myself scarce from the 50 people that were invading our house, Holly and I went to grab food. Neither one of us were real hungry so we went for some healthy food. Fried onion rings and cheese balls! Yum! Holly felt sick shortly after!
Is it just me or does my face not quite match my shoulder?! You think I should switch to my darker foundation?

This would apparently be my Barbie pose. Hmm.......let's see, what Barbie would I be? Maybe amazon woman Barbie?! I'm even flat footed here!

This was shortly before we put pajamas on and watched(Holly watched, I slept) the Presidential forum that Saddleback Church had with the Presidential Candidates. Talk about a hopping Saturday night! We went out and were home and in pajamas by 9:30pm! LAME! :-)

Ty Man eating his biscuit, those are swim trunks not capris, don't be fooled!

So Ty, did you get any of that biscuit actually in your mouth?! He took a quick shower before returning to the pool! :-)

Chase insisted I get a couple pictures of him drinking(more like licking) his slushy. I couldn't capture the sequence of one lick quick enough, so this would be multiple licks. Just pretend it's one. Act like you're looking at a flip book!

This was shortly before he tried to eat it with his hands and it got taken away from him!
We were on to have Chase show off his diving board skills. Holly told him that she didn't think he could actually jump off the board. He was bound to prove her wrong!

We were by the side to cheer him on. Keep in mind he's 3 1/2! No floaties even! He would stand at the end of the diving board and yell to Holly, "Holly, just tell me that I can't do it!"

I think this was his "pencil jump". Holly showed him how to do it, but the only time he looked like a pencil was while he was still standing on the board! Either way, he was pretty proud of himself! :-)

Ty has become quite the wiggle worm. We laughed so hard when Ash showed us how if you look at Ty with a sad face and say "Ty, awwww", he slowly goes from having a smile on his face to his chin quivering and at times he can be brought to tears. Today he burst out bawling! We felt bad and also laughed hysterically! At least we know he's sensitive!

His favorite toy..........Chase's goggles

So our pool drama that I missed out on while talking to a friend went something like this:
Holly and Ash: Come over to the baby area and grab two spare lawn chairs and sit by the edge of the baby pool.
Lady in Red Shirt: Comes over to Ash and Holly and says "would you please put back me and my husband's lawn chairs that you took?!" (visualize in a VERY rude voice)
Holly and Ash: ???????, Huh?
Lady in Red Shirt: You took our chairs we had sitting over there
Holly and Ash: You mean the lawn chairs that weren't sitting next to your stuff and didn't have anything on them to signify they were yours?
Lady in Red Shirt: Just forget it, we'll find other ones(and stomps off in a huff
Holly and Ash: Fine by us, we weren't giving them back anyway, especially when you ask in that tone!
So Holly later felt bad and the picture above is her peace offering. The peace offering exchange went a little something like this:
Holly: Here's two lawn chairs I found for you guys
Lady in Red Shirt: That's ok, we don't want them anymore(you can tell her daughter is even shocked by the gesture! :-))
Holly: Well since you asked for them back earlier I just figured you still wanted some chairs
Lady in Red Shirt: (Silence)
Holly: Well I'll just leave them here if you change your mind. We just didn't know those chairs were yours because there was nothing on them.
20 minutes elapses
Lady in Red Shirt: sits in lawn chair to read a book!
(apparently her stubborness could only last so long!) :-)
So I'm always impressed by all these artistic pictures that people take. Heidi introduced me to an editing tool and now I'm totally hooked, so I was trying my hand today at some scenery/artistic photos. I'm not that good, so don't get too excited! I just started! :-)

Can you tell the sun was in our eyes?!

Can you think of anything better than a gorgeous day and your feet in the water?! Well maybe a beverage in your hand, but they don't let you take them out of the snack area! I didn't get my $4.50 worth of pop of the two drinks I bought. That must be their ploy!

Yes, I meant for it to be crooked. I'm not that bad with the camera!

Does the sky look fake?! Good, that's what I was going for! Maybe I could go into postcard making! :-)

In the kiddie area, everything's fair game. Holly witnessed this first hand when a little girl we didn't know came and just sat on her lap!

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tamika paige said...

oh tara, you NEVER dissapoint!!! these were hilarious!!! I love the exchange of the rude lady and holly...that was great!
Love the photo editing...youre a regular annie leberwitz...or whatever her name is.
Thanks for posting all the pictures!!! I was very excited to see them all!!! You still go down as having some of the best captions on your pictures of anyone I know!!!