Friday, August 8, 2008

A Night Out with the Girls and the Kiddos

Christin, Haley and I grabbed dinner last night and then went back to see Christin's new place. Haley had her kids along and I think they were the most well behaved children I've seen out at a restaurant. Landon however did get his feelings hurt when Haley took the salad dressing away from him before he could finish making a smiley face on his plate! Come on mom! :-)

Can you believe Haley is even pregnant?! So tiny for being due in November!

Landon wanted his chance at the timed photo. He asked that I set it on the counter and step away rather than holding it and taking it!

Landon said the prayer for us at dinner. It was something like this:

Landon - "God is great, God is good, thank you for our food. Amen"

Haley - "There's still more, Landon"

Landon - "thank you for mommy and daddy, amen"

Haley - "and our friends, Christin and Tara....."

Landon - "I don't want to say that!" :-)

Elle trying to keep her balance!

Apparently water bowls are totally overrated!


Minders said...

Haley looks AMAZING when she's pregnant! Love you Haley! :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a good time. Love the cat! -Heidi

Tater & Haley said...

Your comments are too sweet! Thanks!

Tara, you do such a great job at telling stories behind your pictures. That night, I came home and read all about your trip to England. You kept me very entertained. :)

I always have fun when we get together! :) I'm so thankful for friends.