Sunday, August 10, 2008

Visitors from Purdue

Aaron and Kayla came out to visit for the weekend. It had been a while since we caught up. We had a lot of fun. I introduced them to Destihl, The Loft, Cosi and Wii this weekend. We also accomplished finding Aaron some tennis shoes he'd been looking for. You know there's something wrong when you go to the mall and the boy is the one leaving with bags! :-)

Aaron and Kayla playing their first game of Wii tennis. It took them a few games to really get into it.
Based on their expressions, you can tell that Kayla won!

Aaron trying to be ok with his VERY girly fruity martini.

My flirtini said that it might come with a number! It did! It was a joke, however it did end up being the actual bartender's name and number. No worries, I handed it back with my glass!

We were all smiles, but what you can't tell in this picture is we were about ready to fall asleep! Were getting too old for this staying up late stuff!

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