Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green Gables and Peanut Butter Goo at Ringgers

Friday night, Ash and Luke, Alex and Julie Betts, David and Kate and Holly and I went to Green Gables for dinner. David and Kate then had us back to their house for what David called Peanut Butter Goo with cream. Not sure what it was called but it was GREAT! It was a great time to catch up with old friends, and how out in good ole Gridley again! And surprise, surprise.........people still hang out by the railroad tracks in good ole Gridley!

It looks like were eating in a convenient store, which we kind of are. I mean what better restaurant than a place that has all fried food and you sit at a plastic 6 foot table with folding chairs? :-)

David tought us more than we'd probably ever want to know about mating between cows, pigs and horses. It apparently scared Luke and Alex for life! They used to hang out at David's house as kids!

Ash and Holly were helping me out and covering my arms so they didn't look fat!

So David is romantic and Kate is not! David has to give out his ideas to other friends and clients to help them out since his romantic gestures are a waste on Kate! If your hubby needs some help in that department, call Dave! :-)

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