Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Another Day at the Office!

Ash is out of town this week and her mother-in-law had a doctor's appointment so I watched Chase and Ty for a little bit yesterday. Chase was totally cracking me up as he was hard at work when I arrived. Here's what he was up to!
Off to work!

That would be his "toolbox" aka Luke's lunchbox in the passenger seat next to him!

Arriving at the office! Apparently the tree is the office!

Posing for a quick picture before the workday begins!

Stop at the "post office"

What do you do when you can't reach the mail? You just stand on your passenger's seat! Duh!

Switching to the "work truck"

Now it's time to work!

"Fixing" Grandma's car before she left for her doctor's appointment

That would be the cooler shelf that he would be using to fix my car!

Scraping the tires

A man and his toolbox. I convinced him that he didn't need a real hammer as a tool to fix the car!
Shoveling rocks from one bed to the other

Sweeping the shop

A quick walk for Elmo. Elmo is in there, just can't see him. Poor Elmo! His walk didn't even go to the end of the driveway!

Calling it a day and pulling into the garage. Time for a snack!


tamika paige said...

he's sooo cute!!! he seems like a grown up in a little boy's body. :) what a cutie.

Mandy said...

what a little mini-man! How cute that you documented it all in pictures! Adorable!

tamika paige said...

what are you doing this weekend that you'll have more pictures?