Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Toy Boy!

So when we were in England Holli found me a boy! He is a toy boy that expands in water and grows to 200% his size over the course of 72 hours but it's a boy nonetheless! If only I could kiss him and make him real! :-) However he's blond and I don't do blonds! I guess I could dye his hair!

He might be Tarzan's brother and he has a club foot, but he's all mine! But the speedos have got to go!

In the water he goes! 72 hours feels like an eternity when you're waiting for your boy to grow.......physically!

He developed another club foot and broke his neck in the glass or just has a permanent tilt to the side!

I don't think he will keep me warm on a cold and lonely night but it was the thought that counts! Thanks Hols! :-) Doesn't it look like his head is sitting on his shoulder?


Nichole Musselman said...

I was expecting him to be a little bigger.I know you can do better than that, but just so you know blondes can be cute too!

Holli said...

when I am at your wedding and watching your I dos I will be laughing -as now I am sure you will be marrying a blonde! once you say you won't you probably will!:) but don't worry if you do get your dark hair man he will probably go bald and you will just wish he just had any color hair!:)