Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pool Party and Backyard Movie

Props to Tami for throwing a stellar backyard pool party and movie night! VERY well done! I'm just bummed we had to leave early! Whit had two chapters to read but more importantly, she hadn't seen Isaac all day! I can't believe I fell for that homework trick! Note to self........drive separate next time! Tami, there better be a next time! This was too fun! I'm also bummed that I didn't get more pictures! My battery died right after we got there, and I didn't find my charger IN MY PURSE until we got home! So here are the few I got before my camera went kaput!
Kate getting a candid shot of me and Whit. Not sure why I have no lips!
So I don't know why I look so concerned about what Whit is saying. The conversation wasn't that serious!

Seriously Whit, stop talking while were trying to take a picture!

Tami made some delicious salads, and we had cheese fondue and then everyone brought cute snacks. We were late and our contribution was hummus, salsa a chips and prepackaged candy. Did quite stand up to Heidi's homemade suckers with cute little fish inside them!

Whit, what is wrong with your hand?!

Kate graced us with her presence for an hour or so and then it was off to sushi at 8pm. Oh the life of a college kid!

The backyard was adorable. Little mason jars hanging on the fence with candles inside and jars all around the pool. It was such a cute atmosphere. Even the lemonade was cute. Pink with a slice of lemon and lime in it. Nicely done Tami, nicely done!


tamika paige said...

It's sooo fun to see pictures! I'm very complimented that you liked it, coming from the ultimate party planner herself! :)
I was honored that you, Whit, and Kait came. Having you girls come was like having the Hilton sisters show up to a party...you know it's the "it" party for the night. :) jk.

Holli said...

tami it is in the blood~ tara, you and heidis homemade suckers!:) can I just get a pint of each of your blood?:) looks like fun!