Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Porch

So Whit has been bugging me all summer about how we need to add something to our front porch because as she says, "our house is so blah, there is no curb appeal". Well we finally went out and got some new stuff for the porch. It's not quite complete but a lot better than it used to be, so here are our before and afters!
The dull boring front porch
Whit lamenting over our boring porch

The finished product, the grasss in the far right corner are not staying as they look like aspargaus coming out of a pot sitting there

We also added some lights coming up the steps. Last night only two of the four were lighting up, but I'm glad to report that now all four do turn on!

We have high hopes of sitting outside on this bench with our glasses of lemonade and watch.......well nothing, we don't have any neighbors, but you know! We at least have hopes! We'll see if it happens!


tamika paige said...

looks great ladies! :) oh...and i have high hopes of all three of us sitting on the bench while whit tells me a story!...or, i'll just sit on the step to avoid akwardness and tight spaces. :)

Anonymous said...

girls, love the front porch. And I didn't even know about it until I read your that means, I haven't been spying on you near enough. - Heidi

smw said...

that looks awesome. makes me think we need to take some time and do something with ours.