Monday, August 18, 2008

First of Many Dinners Out

This week is a crazy one for me! Something going on every night of the week. So I have this routine that every time I eat out with certain friends we always eat at the same places. We didn't plan it that way, it just works out like that. With Marissa it's Basta in Morton. With Amy, it's Avanti's in East Peoria, with Ash it's Kobe or Outback in Bloomington, and with Megan it's Fiesta Ranchera. Well last night it was Basta with Marissa and we added Courtney Strahm(Hoehr). It was great to catch up, especially since I haven't seen Courtney in probably 10 years!
I always end up getting the same thing every time. The Tortellini Carbonara. It's cheese tortellini and penne pasta with some kind of white cream sauce with peas, bacon, and sliced ham. I basically didn't eat all day so I could enjoy all the fatty goodness. Problem was, Marissa and I got there a little early and managed to finish off a very large basket of bread before Courtney arrived! They have this sweet garlic butter that is pretty much heaven on earth! Needless to say I wasn't able to finish my meal! :-)
Old friends, they were hanging out pre-puberty days!

Wait a minute! Am I the most tan in this picture?!?! I can know feel like my summer days of baking myself have been fulfilled! I'm sure when I'm 75 I'll regret it, but it felt good last night!

Am I a natural or what? No worries, I have no desire for kids right now........which is good since that usually requires a husband and well..........let's not go there!

Aedan likes to run his trains along the textured wall. Makes for a great conversation environment!

The many faces of Aedan!

It looks like he has dislocated his arm but really he's just swatting away the camera.

I'm pretty sure I have a picture of Ben similar to this from Michigan City! He's going to be soooo like his dad! Scary! :-)

Apparently I didn't think I was going to make it in the picture. That would be why I'm straining my neck!

Baby Avery, I put her to sleep! What can I say? I'm just good with kids! Or it could be that it was her bedtime, she had her pants changed, pajamas on, had just eaten and was tired, BUT, I still put her to sleep!

Do you like the volume in my hair? Yes, that would be because I was in the midst of turning my head. Aedan wasn't quite ready for the picture either!

I would sit patiently and smile while Marissa waited for Aedan to smile. As soon as I would turn my head, she'd take the picture. This happened about three times! I was beginning to think she wasn't really wanting me in the picture!

Clearly I wasn't ready for the picture, but I thought this was my normal smile when we took it!

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Anonymous said...

great pictures, Tara. I also love last post with Ty and his laughing fit! -Heidi