Monday, January 19, 2009

"Ringger" Dinner

So it all started with a cookout with all of my married friends this past summer. I didn't get a chance to hardly talk to David and Kate, so we set up a dinner to get together. That was in July and since then the group has grown and now it's a monthly dinner that I conveniently refer to the Ringger dinner because it's easy to remember that way. This month we went to Lucca Grill and went back to Holly and Tim's for dessert. It's always such a fun group to get together and we always have such a good time getting together and catching up.

We needed to do separate checks, but I went in with Ben and Marissa so I asked our waitress if they had an ATM. She said, yes there's a unisex one upstairs. I looked at Ash and we both kind of laughed and said, aren't they always?! The waitress said, you asked about a bathroom right?

Ben moved our pizza over and dumped Dr. Pepper all over Ash's lap. It was my Dr. Pepper that she drank out of but everytime she wanted more she kept telling me to ask the waitress for a refill! :-)

Holly and Tim spent the day unpacking their house. Trying to bring together two homes is a challenge. They keep finding that they have multiples of everything. More than one coffee maker, toaster, waffle maker, etc. And don't even get them started on clothes and tools! :-)

Alex was showing us his scars from when he flipped over his four wheeler years ago. I about passed out for the second time when he told the story!

They were kidless for the evening and taking advantage of Chris' handicap tag. Luke had to limp a little to make it more believable! :-)

Ben was blinding us with his bright neon green sweater. He also had to buy Ash a cosmo after dumping pop in her lap! We all shared spinach and artichoke which Ash explained as some of the best she's had. It even had crab rangoon material for dipping as she put it!

We sat there for hours hoping that the fountain would start to work. You had to be careful that you didn't get your "poker" stuck in the auger at the top otherwise it would send chocolate flying. However that's where the chocolate was the best. Luke described it best as gritty with little flavor bursts of peanut butter!

Holly had "yellow" pound cake which she thought was a special kind but we were struggling trying to figure out when we've ever had anything but yellow pound cake! :-)

Brandon was a good sport. He had just worked an entire day at the dealership and then drove to Bloomington in snowy weather and then had to meet all my friends. He was exhausted but didn't complain a bit!

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Tami said...

how have you not told me that you posted pictures?!?!?! you know i'm your biggest fan! :) i don't know what i enjoyed seeing more, the people, or trying to peer into the background to check out tim and holly rae's house! :) it looks like a really pretty home.