Monday, January 12, 2009

My Step-Cousin's Wedding

So my aunt Cheryl recently got remarried to a guy by the name of Rick Nichols. Rick's son got married this weekend. I went to the wedding with Brandon, who his parents are good friends with Rick and his family. The wedding was in Chesterton, IN and then the wedding was in Merrillville. We were running a smidge late and snuck in the back right as they were walking down the aisle. Nice timing! Afterwards, I got to catch up with Reid, Brittany and my aunt Cheryl at the wedding.

He joked about matching my outfit. I told him if I showed up and he was wearing a red tie to match my red shoes, I was going to make him change! :-)

Brandon with his sister Erika and his mom Karen. He took off multiples times and left me to fend for myself with his family. Thankfully they are very nice people! :-)

Hmm.....could I look anymore awkward in this picture. I'm not sure why I look like I'm hunched over!

Britt was wearing a strapless dress that in turn makes her look naked in this picture!

My aunt Cheryl was the lovely "mother" of the groom. It also looks like I'm trying to hyperextend my arm here, but whatev!

Ryan(the groom) and Brandon. These two were best buds growing up and have some hilarious snow mobile stories. Of which seem to always end with one of them crying! :-)

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Tami said...

okay, you look beautiful!!! i have to say, you and B look like you match (which normally, i find annoying), but it actually looked pretty classy! i wish i could have seen the whole outfit with the red shoes!!! glad it was a fun weekend!