Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Eve/New Year's Day

Holli and Andy were home over Christmas and I was not about to miss seeing them this year(I got sick last year!), so Nichole, Bridget, Leisa, Holli and I went to lunch at Qdoba in Bloomington on Monday. It was so great to catch up and even see Bridge and Leisa who I haven't seen in a while either. Holli and Andy were staying with Jed and Vicki in Morton and were kind enough to invite us all to their house for New Year's. It was great to see everyone and hang out!

Amy will probably kill me for posting this picture but I actually thought it was cute of her!

We pretty much camped out on this couch ALL night! Good thing no one tried to sit there when we were up getting food, or you wouldn't have wanted to see our wrath! :-)

Um, can you tell two cameras were going off!

Always glued to that phone.

Ryan and Denise, don't mind the cocktail sauce on his shirt. He's a messy eater! :-)

Love these girls and I want Rachel's wardrobe!

The band teacher trying her hand at Rock Band.

Kutcher is not a big fan of her carrier, so she always has to have her head popped out of the bag so she can see what's going on!

Sad day! Dropping my parents off at O'Hare! I can't wait for the day when were not separated by 2000 miles!


Holli said...

so glad you guys came to the party!!! so good to be with you!!! love you!

Tami said...

i like your shirt! by the way, have you ever thought that you and holli kind of look alike? i thought you kind of did in the picture of you two.