Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dinner with Friends

So my friends tease me all the time about getting on my "rotation" for dinner. Somewhere along the line, I started doing regular dinners with friends to try and keep up with people better and now it's to the point that I could be eating out three to four days a week sometimes. I love every minute of it, just sometimes gets difficult working around sister night and Office night.

So anyway, last night was dinner with Kristy Kaeb. I think we figured out that until New Year's we might not have seen each other for close to 10 years! Is that nuts or what? In a little over three hours we caught up on what's going on, but we didn't really graze the surface with what we were doing from 1998-2003. That will have to be another dinner! :-)

Kristy and I ran around together in the young group before I could drive. She was a blast and I have many memories of ice skating, road rallies, sleepovers, snack food, and girl's nights between my house and hers. Definitely made my junior high and early high school years!

It was great to see ya Kristy! Can't wait to do it again!

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Tami said...

i never knew that you and kristy were friends! glad you got to catch up with her...i guess if we're not catching up, you may as well be catching up with someone else! just kidding...i'm giving you a hard time. now, it's your turn to tell me how you tried to hang out with me twice last week...although i don't think exercising really counts since i'm panting the entire time which isn't very conducive to good conversation. :)