Monday, January 5, 2009

Nussbaum Ladies Retreat in Chicago

So we went to Chicago for some food, fun, fellowship and shopping and we got all of those in. A couple years ago we had gone to Chicago with all of my mom's sisters and had so much fun we've been trying to figure out a time to do it again. This time more of the cousins could go which made it even more fun and we definitely had a lot of laughs. I've never played a more disfunctional game of Catch Phrase in my life! We went to Wildfire for dinner and then all hung out in the room and played Catch Phrase, had breakfast at the hotel and shopped at Water Tower. It was a lot of fun, and I'm excited to do it again this year.

Whit doesn't like to be touched!

Kate proudly wearing her new dress I bought her.

Me and Brit

Whit saluting her gargantuan row boat of a double baked potato!

Brit's "rat" sweet potato! Definitely the largest one I've ever seen!

Aunt Cheryl was a little under the weather.

Why does everyone always lean over so far in pictures when there is plenty of room on either side of them? :-)

Not everyone got the whole "gansta" peace hand gesture!

Cheryl missed the memo that funny pictures were over.

Seriously, let's take a nice photo!

Ok, third time's the charm!

It was like the paparazzi on us! We didn't knot which camera to look at!

We weren't quite ready!

Kate, always the drama queen leading the pack!

Mom, do I really want a picture where NO ONE is looking at the camera? :-)

I was trying to act like I was falling in the fountain and then already really did!

Kate and her signature pose!

Breakfast at the hotel the next morning

Brit forgot her hat!

We got a smile with teeth out of Tianne!

You know you'd think we could all use one camera and just give each other copies of the pictures, but when no one knows how to upload their photos to the computer, it makes it a little difficult! :-)

Cheryl still feeling a little under the weather.

My hair was a little too bufont that day!


Holli said...

it really did look like you were falling in to the fountain!

Tami said...

fun times indeed. and to think that i was probably in tears with the train conductor when these pictures were being taken. :)