Monday, January 5, 2009


So it's been wild with my parents in town. They flew in on the 18th and just went home New Year's Day. It was great to have them here, just busy. They are so funny when they come into town because they immediately go to work. My dad becomes like handy Manny and my mom has all kinds of projects lined up before she gets here. So for the first two days I'm not sure they sat still! We now have an organized storage room, Kate's room has been cleaned and organized, Whit has more hangers for her closet, Whit's art room has all her shelves and pictures hung, we have a new shelf in our laundry room, my porch furniture has all been brought in, the garage has been swept, cars cleaned out and washed, oil changed, tire pressure checked, new garbage cans, new air filter for the furnace, tightened cabinets and draws that have come loose, new tags for license plates, driveway shoveled, universal remote re-programmed, kitchen chairs tightened, bar stools glued, toilet fixed and the list goes on and on! :-) They were a great help but were wearing me out those first two days! :-)

We had a very nice Christmas though and got to spend a lot of time with family. The Huber side was on the 20th, ours was the 24th, the Nussbaums were the 25th and then we met up with some of my dad's friends on the 27th and 28th. I was sad to see them go, but hope to get out there in a month or two.

So what do you do when you run out of wrapping paper?! You act like that's what you meant to do in wrapping it!

I love that I've had a little color this Christmas. Doesn't make me look quite so see through! :-)

Avery all cuddled up with daddy. He's got the touch!

Connie was just saying before this picture that she didn't like taking photos where she felt like she was trying to lean back in the picture and then gave her a double chin. Guess I should have taken it again!

I love how everyone in the background looks soooooo enthused. I believe this was about the time we were totally butchering some Christmas carols because no one knew the verses beyond verse 1!

Can you tell Whit had just been playing with my necklace? Either that or it's defying gravity!

Avery's usual pose! I call it the deer in headlights look. Haven't you seen all the models in Vogue doing it?

We caught Kate for a brief amount of time before she was off with the boy the rest of the day! We don't see her much these days. Thank goodness he lives in Nashville 9 months out of the year or I'm not sure we'd ever see her!

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Tami said...

i'm glad you didn't have any pictures from the huber christmas...i still have a gag reflex everytime i see the pictures that aunt pam posted!!! wow.