Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend in Bourbonnais

So I headed back to Bourbonnais this weekend. I tease Brandon that they are about 10 years behind because they have less restaurants and stores than we have in Bloomington, which in turn makes Bloomington better! :-) Here are some things that they don't have or just got:

Don't have:
Chipotle - this one makes me VERY sad

Just got:
Hobby Lobby
Super Walmart

Besides the fact that his town is lacking, we still managed to have a good time! :-) His parents invited us to this charity event for the community college in town on Saturday night. Sunday we just hung out, went to church, grabbed lunch and went bowling.

Before he got up and left me this time to get drinks, he would at least ask if I wanted to go along! :-) We left early because if you didn't play cards, gamble or plan on getting trash with the open bar, there wasn't a lot to do!

His mom invited us to go bowling Sunday after church. This is Brandon's younger sister Tiffany and his little brother Nate. However, Brandon spelled her name Tiffunee, Nate's name somehow got messed up on the screen so his name turned into a telephone number and I was Turaaaaa. Nice! :-)

It was cosmic bowling in the middle of the afternoon and the music was a random array or wedding songs, Disney music, 80's music, jock jams and some 90's rap, including but not limited to: Who let the dogs out, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Superman, Part of your world, and Sk8ter Boy(not by Avril Lavigne but by some other little teeny bopper). Tiffany was showing off her moves to all the dances but refused to get up and dance with all the 10 year olds that were dancing! I can't imagine why not? :-)

So we played three games. The first game I bowled a 158 and Brandon got a 101. I WON! Second game, I fell apart and got like 108 and he bowled in the 130's I think. So we were tied
1-1. So of course we had to have a tie breaker to see who would be the reigning champion. My game started out a little rough so he didn't take it seriously thinking he could just coast to the end and in the last three frames, I came on strong and ended up beating him in the 10th frame by 7 after getting a strike. So this would be me gloating about my win and him showing his disgust! :-)


Holli said...

Moving to Bourbonnais is like moving to IL from AZ or like moving to IL from the UK!:) but I wouldn't mind if the UK found out about Chipolte or Qdoba!:)
Glad you had a fun weekend!

Tami said...

glad you won! i didn't know you were a bowler...something about the image of you bowling kind of cracks me up! :)