Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hangin' with the Zellers!

Before I graduated college, I lived with Luke and Ash and again when I moved back from California. These roomies were some of my favorites! We always had such a good time! Ash would make some kind of dessert every night after dinner, whether it was milkshakes, skillet cookies, or just making pillsbury cookies. I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds just from the desserts. One of the things we always did is we watched shows together and Bachelor was one of our favorites. We would all gather in the basement with our drinks and desserts and watch the show together. As I moved out and their family grew, we don't get to do that near as often but I always love it when we do. Now the snacks have gotten a little more gourmet like Luke making us carmels last night and the background noise has risen multiple decibels, but it's still something I always look forward to!

Last night was one of those nights. I picked up Chipotle and brought it over to their house. Ash and I ran to Walgreens for wax paper while Luke manned the carmel bowl stirring constantly! Then we watched The Bachelor and had some amazing carmels about halfway through the show!

Ty ate all his fruit but was not a fan of the corn. He decided to throw it all over the floor and all over Harley who was waiting at the base of his highchair for all the scraps that were being dropped!

This was Chase sh0wing me his muscles. I was teasing Ash that I always get these pictures from her of Chase and Ty and Chase ALWAYS has clothes on but whenever I come over, this is how he is......in his undies! I think it's a conspiracy. I think she only dresses him for the photo op and then let's him go back to his underwear! :-)

Ty kept choking on the corn and his eyes would water but he'd have this grin from ear to ear the whole time. It must have been the corn, because even Harley was choking over it!

This was the beginning of the carmel process. It is quite a precise process. There is no room for mistakes according to Luke. He was going for a specific texture one that is a little hard on the outside but as you bite into it, it softens. They were a little softer than his liking but Ash and I loved them that way! I think I ate 20!

A rare moment that Ty was actually sitting on my lap, however he was looking for the cereal that was sitting near me!

I put some in my hand so he could eat them out of my hand......

But instead of eating them out of my hand, he just nose dived into my palm for an entire mouthful!

And then they were all stuck to his face when he lifted his head.

This process went on and on.......

And each time more stuck to his face!

Then Harley was there to clean up whatever Ty missed!

Ty's little wife beater! It looked so cute on him!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Tara! You look beautiful in all of them. I have to say too that I think that Ty Zeller has to be one of the cutest kids I've seen. Such cuties.


Tami said...

they are definitely cute kids...and yes, i agree with heidi. you look really pretty in these pictures!