Friday, June 19, 2009

Ashley and Caleb's Wedding 6-13-09

Ashley was in two of my small group's a couple years ago. We've stayed in touch even after she moved and went to Trinity. She met her husband Caleb up there. She looked gorgeous and it was a sweet ceremony. Her dad didn't even make it one step into the sanctuary before he fell apart. He bawled and she sniffled all the way down the aisle. As Oprah would say, "I slipped into the ugly cry!" haha Congrats Ashley and Caleb!

Caleb stood up front and I sat there confused as to who that guy was. Caleb had chopped off all his curls and I didn't even recognize him!

We had a fun table. One of the guys was a pastor in training. He was very bummed at the dry wedding. He also doubles as a mosquito fogger at night. Yes, my thoughts exactly! I didn't know a job like that existed. I thought I'd be all smart and ask him if he thought lime disease was being kept under control. That's when he informed me that he wasn't sure since lime disease was from ticks and it was molaria that you have to worry about with mosquitos! haha

Instead of clanking glasses to get them to kiss, your table had to stand up and sing a song that had the word love in it. Our table opted out when we knew we couldn't compete with the table that sang the Oscar Myer weiner song!

When I went to the bathroom a lady complimented me on my dress. She said, "I love your dress! I saw you when you first walked and I thought, that dress is sooooo pretty! Looks like something that you see at prom!" Thanks......I think! So are you saying I'm trying to look 18?!

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Tami said...

um, i saw your dress and 'prom' was NOT the word that came to my mind!!! that's such a fun idea about singing a song with love in it. pastor in training that was upset about the dry wedding that is a mosquito fogger...we definitely we not thinking the same thing if all that came to your mind was, "i didn't know that job existed"! :)