Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memorial Day 5-25-09

Holly and Tim invited us out for burgers and hot dogs on the grill. She said it was low key and that she already had all the food at her place, but it was far from low key. It was just Ash and Luke, Holly and Tim and me and there was enough food to feed an army. Felt like one of my cookouts! haha Holly had burgers and in her case a veggie burger. Easy to distinguish on the grill, because they are usually green or orange. Yum! The nice part about veggie burgers is there isn't really a way to screw them up. You just cook them till they're warm! She also had potato salad, pesto pasta salad, chips and dip, fruit, veggies, carrot casserole, beans, chips and salsa, and dessert. Chase loved the row boat and fishing. Ty had fun to just running around. He was covered in mud from head to toe literally by the end of the evening.

Ty thought he see if it was a finger shredder as well as a paper shredder!

I believe the rule is, when you run downhill, stick out your tongue. Helps give you balance!

Chase could NOT wait to go in the boat. He kept asking Luke when he could paddle!

Chase thought the boat should go faster. Luke was paddling as fast as he could!

Tim gave Ty a "tree" that he thought was soooooo cool to drag around or wave over his head!

I told you he was covered in mud from head to toe! Not sure how he got it on his face, but he was all over the place!

If an 18 month old can fit in your mailbox, IT'S TOO BIG!

The mailbox also doubles for a horse!

He was so proud of his fish! He had Luke and Tim digging up the yard to look for more worms!

Ty watched Chase from a distance while he fished but yelled loud enough for him to hear him all the way down at the lake! :-)

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Tami said...

That looks like a fun evening...those little boys are so cute!!! i love the straw hanging out of Ty's mouth in the picture of him with the mailbox!