Friday, June 12, 2009

NABD 5-12-09 - 5-14-09

The National Buy Here Pay Here convention is one of our biggest shows that we do every year. This was the first year I've gotten to go. Usually we have other people that work the booth, so it was fun to be able to go and actually see our big booth. The thing is massive. Not sure it's worth the expense to haul that thing all over the Vegas strip, but it looks cool nonetheless. The exhibit hall was open only certain hours a day so when we weren't in session, I took advantage of the Vegas sun and caught some rays. Not bad for a work trip! :-) I did however have to listen to this lady run her mouth the ENTIRE time I was at the pool. I'm not sure she ever took a breath! From stories about her grandson to trips to Mexico, she was full of all kinds of worthless information!

I lured people into our booth with candy. It only cost me about $25 in candy and $25 in a 4 minute cab ride to Walgreens and back!

David, Jeff, me and Greg. I could have sworn that Jeff had an earring the last time I saw him. Maybe it was just the highlights that threw me off for an IT guy! :-)

I asked Greg if we could get a picture together so I could prove that he actually was in our booth. The big joke is he comes to all the shows but spends no time in the booth to actually work it. From then on he refused to take a photo with me. Instead he would only take one of me!

EJ was slightly height challenged. I had to take my heels off and if you can tell in this picture he's practically hoisted himself up on the table behind us to look as tall as me!

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Tami said...

I can't believe I haven't commented this far back! i'm ashamed of myself! :) anyway, like i said to you, i really like the "booth" looks great! I would definitely stop by and sign up for something with that sharp of a display and that good looking of a rep as you! ha!