Monday, June 29, 2009

Olive Garden over Fiesta?!

It's always fun to get together with this group. Usually we spend half the evening in hysterics. Let me recap:

1. We were supposed to meet at 6pm which had been switched from 7pm originally.
2. Luke thought we were still meeting at 7pm, so he hadn't left his apartment when we called him at 6:30pm
3. Josh was late because the roof/ceiling was falling in on his plane and they spent more time on the runway to fix and he still FLEW home on that plane.
4. He wanted a welcome home party at the airport, but not like last time filled with balloons, a welcome home sign, brownies, clowns and a donkey(not to be confused with Chris)
5. Josh still doesn't wear navy and black together based on my fashion advice from 5 years ago!
6. Luke has unusually soft hands!
7. Luke has some hilarious hand gestures that kept us entertained all evening! They included rising taxes, a plane flying, "getting together", and sawing some limbs!
8. Luke has flown 3 times in his life and has an opposition to checking his luggage no matter what the size!
9. Josh is dating Jackie who went on a date with Luke 4 years ago, which apparently went downhill after Luke didn't call her till Thursday(they went out on Sunday) and she was out of town. He called her up mad on Saturday and that pretty much put an end to their potential relationship.
10. However, Jackie and Luke still are cordial and share an interest in John Wayne movies
11. Josh likes John and Kate Plus 8 and was upset to see them split up.
12. Josh has a girlfriend in Florida who says mmmm....when he walks into a room, and calls him her tender vitals!
13. Josh plays April Fools jokes on Luke and he can only tell some of them because others are inside jokes that he rudely wouldn't tell the rest of the table! :-)
14. Luke doesn't like Fiesta Ranchera, so we couldn't eat there. Then he ordered soup at Olive Garden! You can get soup anywhere! He has a thing with textures! I am with him on tomatos! Yuck!
15. Amanda was going to the New Kids on the Block concert that weekend and was going to be amongst the other 40 year olds that are still in love with them! haha

Never a dull moment with this crowd. Luke, you'll have to let me know if I recapped the evening well of if I'm leaving out key moments! :-)

From left to right: Luke, Chris, Amanda, me, Katie, Jackie, Josh

A guy from another table almost jumped in the picture with us and Josh was wondering about his hand placement in take 2!

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Josh said...

NICE RECAP! I love it. :)