Thursday, June 18, 2009

Denise's 30th Birthday! 5-29-09/5-30-09

So I've been getting harassed about not having posted pictures for over a month, so here's what I've been up to! :-) This was Denise's birthday. We ended up celebrating two days. We had a blast! We ate at Swingers for dinner on Friday night and then went to The Loft for a martini and then on to Six Strings to hear a country band and do some dancing.

Day 2 of Denise's birthday hoopla. Can you tell Keith was landscaping all day with his brother? He was a little tired....or drugged! :-)

Not sure what she was talking about, but it looks like she's really letting me have it! haha

Ok, we made up! :-)

Denise's basket of 30 things that represented her. She's showing off her shooters(those are mini alcohol bottles just for the record!) I like to call her Sir-mix-a-lot!

Steph is due in October. I'm not even pregnant and I look like I'm further along than she is! Philip says it's becuase her stomach was concave to begin with!

So my patio furniture is in the crapper, so we decided to WT it and sit outside with all plastic lawn chairs!

Hmm.....I could say multiple things about this picture starting with the height difference with these guys. Can you say Twins(Arnold Schwarteneger and Danny Devito)? Also, why is it that guys have such an opposition to standing "too close" together? :-)

Is there an AA type group for tanners? JK

Philip clearly thought he was out of the photo, but just in case he wasn't he smiled anyway!

Just getting in a little practice for the real thing. Who knew Jill's would be coming so soon? She just got engaged this past weekeend!

Our tennis crew. Were still working on being able to return the ball but we have fun!

Michael is dedicated. He went to 2 30th birthday parties that day. I think he just heard there was going to be cake!

Something about this makes me feel like we should be going to a circus not a birthday party.

Keith wanted to be able to stop traffic in his new shirt. He accomplished his goal!

The Yonkers

I teased Ash about how much she said she hated her outfit that night when I was the one that bought her that shirt, but she assured me she knew I had bought it and LOVES the shirt but she just wanted something more dressy to wear.

Shannon was so much fun. She's going to teach us how to salsa dance next week!

Denise was eating steak. That is a VERY rare ocurrence. I had to have proof. The cow farmers will be glad to know that Denmise may be back in the market again for beef someday soon!

Nothing like a fireworks display tableside. We kept a close eye on it though. With all the hairspray in that room, anyone could have gone up in flames at a moments notice! :-)

Can you tell Denise is a band instructor? She's the only one sitting up straight in her chair!

Thank you Denise for holding my shirt in the back, so I dont look like I'm wearing a potato sack for a shirt!

Pretty sure it looks like I have an intertube blown up and put around my chest underneath my shirt!

The beginning of one crazy night of dancing!

It's a silly posed picture D, not just lean over and tilt your head to the side and smile!

The party poopers. They were in bed by like 9pm!

More Yonkers

So the martini was sweet, but Jill's reaction was a little exaggerated! :-)

Luke - "Oh were we not supposed to smile?"
Keith - "No"
Luke - "Ok, ok, let's try it again!"

There we go!

It was a very intense game of trying to "stab" all the cherries at the bottom of the glass, and then show off your stem knotting skills!

32oz martini and she drank it all by herself!

I was having trouble getting my fingers in the "rock on" symbol. Looks a little more like I love you!

Denise was a natural cage dancer!

Denise and her tambourine debut!

Shannon didn't know I didn't dance, so it took the pressure off to be able to just go out and try it!

You're probably wondering why I have a reflector hanging from my ear the size of a coaster, but Disco is back baby! :-)

They weren't quite ready. They were still in planning mode to do...

THIS! So original!

Jill had never gone out with Keith. She was interested to see her brother outside of sibling mode. I think she was a bit surprised! We always tell her how funny he is.....she finally had proof! :-)

Keith dancing with the birthday girl!

Poor Luke! I'm two inches taller than him flatfooted. With three inch heels on, he didn't have a chance! :-)

We rode around in style all night in Shannon's minivan! There were even Cheez-its all over the floor just in case we got hungry for a snack!

Luke and I started making up dnaces because just line dancing was soooo following the crowd. Our dance was a little lord of the dance meets just flailing about!

Most of the time we didn't know what we were doing, but we just had fun doing it anyway!

Luke and I's second dance......the penguin dance!

Aww! Brother and sister slow dance!

The girls got pulled up on stage. Shannon and D were a toss up on the tambourine ability!

Obviously not ready. Even though D and I are smiling, not exactly our natural smiles!

Such a fun night with good friends!

Note to self.....if you're going dancing all night DON'T wear three inch heels! I'm pretty sure my feet still hurt!

We worked up a sweat! I went to the bathroom to towel off and had to laugh at being the only sober one in there. Everyone coming out of the stalls was having a hard time staying on their feet!

We had a brush with fame. This was the lead singer of Southern Cross. You laugh now, but when they are playing at Grand Ole Opry, you'll be jealous!

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Tami said...

I was laughing at so many of your captions!!! From the hairspray in the room, to keith and luke's unorigional picture to your rock on sign looking like i love you! :) hilarious. lets just say, i think you made this "Southern Cross" singer's night. If he didn't already think he'd made it, I bet he did after that night with 4 beautiful girls wanting a picture with him!!!