Saturday, June 13, 2009

Night in Bourbonnais 5-15-09

So I spent the week in Vegas for our National BHPH convention. The trip home was pretty eventful seeing that I found out the night before that you CANNOT fly standby on any other day than the day you are supposed to fly home. I ended up having to buy a one way ticket home since my original flight was supposed to get home on Monday instead of Friday. American quoted $400 dollars and I wasn't about to pay that for a one way ticket home when my flight out was less than $250. So I opted for looking for something myself. That left me with a flight home going from Vegas, to Cleveland, Cleveland to Indy and Indy to Chicago. Not exactly the most ideal trip home. I figured I could fly standby on one of the flights to take out a leg but the morons at the airports weren't getting what I was saying or helping customers look up every flight combination to Amsterdam so I took the puddle jumper flight home. When I got to Indy they had cancelled my flight due to weather. At that point, I would have just had someone pick me up in Indy, but seeing that my car was still sitting at O'hare, and I was supposed to hang out in Bourbonnais, I had no choice but to get a rental car and drive to Bourbonnais. So $460 later, I made it home. Expensive early return cost and at that point I'm sure the American Airlines customer service rep was laughing at me since I spent more flying all over the country and re-enacting Planes, Trains and Automobiles when I could have spent $400, had a straight flight to Chicago and left out all the extra drama!

Even after the all over the country travel, I still made it to Bourbonnais about 20 minutes after Denise! If I had trusted my instinct on the directions to Bourbonnais, I might have gotten there even earlier, but I followed someone else's directions(they shall remain nameless :-)) and got stuck in construction traffic for at least 30 minutes!

Matt, Keith calls him his farmer friend. He was trying to prove that he had friends, so the joke of the evening was that he paid Matt to hang out with us all night. I think the evening was twofold: he had to prove to Matt that he had fun friends from Bloomington and he had to prove to us that he had friends in Bourbonnais.

We gave Keith a hard time all night about EVERYTHING! This is him saying "what now?" He was a really good sport though!

Matt was a pretty decent pool player. He however was not impressed with my skills! I did not help out our team much!

We still won both games but not really because were awesome but because Keith and Denise have a tendency to scratch on the 8 ball!

They were good sports about losing and even treated us to a victory shot!

Keith and Matt got D good. She left her wallet just sitting wide open at the restaurant so they took her drivers license. When she went to buy a drink at the next place, she totally panicked not knowing where she had left her license. It was pretty funny to see her scramble!

He was trying to shove me out of the picture! We went to this martini bar. It was a pretty happening place.............FOR Bourbonnais! :-)

Keith was ready for the photo even though he looks like he's been put on pause in this picture!

He was a really good host! He had pizza, pop, and the newest episode of the Office awaiting us when we got back. He knows the way to our hearts......a little Michael Smith and Dwight Schrute! haha

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Tami said...

1st off, I love your shirt! it looks really good on you.
sounds like bourbonnais has a lot going on!
The office, pop, and pizza? definitely sounds like a good time.