Sunday, June 7, 2009

Texas Roadhouse 4-24-09

I met up with Philip and Stephanie and Mandy at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was supposed to be Jon and Bekah as well, but they couldn't make it last minute because of the Cubs game. Lame! :-) Steph let us know that night that she was pregnant. Exciting news!

Philip and Stephanie are pretty traditional but when it comes to baby names they don't agree. Steph wants something a little different and Philip would like to stick with the John's, Paul's, Kristin's and Megan's. Steph was like you just named off all the kids I went to elementary school with!

Mandy and I have this pact. If we find Chad Michael Murray and Nathan look alikes from One Tree Hill we will help each other out with the set-ups! :-)

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Tami said...

oh phil...aka, jarod's new bff. ok, not really, but he and his wife always seem like such neat people! i really like your shirt.