Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grandma's Funeral 5-11-09

So Grandma Huber passed away in early May. She went peacefully. All her kids were in her room surrounding her. Aunt Pam and Aunt Cindy sang I'll Fly Away to her and on the last phrase of the song, she took her last breath. It was a special week for my dad and his siblings to spend the week together around Grandma's bedside. Never have they had that kind of bonding time together since they were kids. I got to spend two days with them during that week, and it was fun to be the only grandkid there hanging out with all the adults. I enjoyed seeing them interact and just laugh and giggle like they were kids again. It was very surreal to have Grandma back in her old house and my dad and Cindy sleeping in their old bedrooms. My dad said it took him back about 30's years to eat in the same kitchen, shower in the same bathroom, and polish his shoes in the same sink he did when he was a kid. He did say though that he and Aunt Cindy were wondering why Brian was sleeping in the living room(Uncle Brian and Aunt Jacki remodeled the house and turned the old living room into their master bedroom)! :-) So while we were sad to see Grandma go, we were happy for her to be able to meet Grandpa and Aunt Kathie in Heaven. Something that she'd been hoping and talking about for quite some time. I'm sure they were waiting for her with open arms and welcome home signs! :-)

Just this week, I saw one of the country stars on CMT wearing Whit's shirt in their music video. Typical that Whit would have celebrity taste! :-)

Hanging onto more than one thing at a time proved to be troublesome for little Faye!

Her little giggle is infectious!

They are checking out Claire, but can't remember what she was doing at the time. I'm pretty sure this was before her strip show! haha

These three became quite the buds that weekend! It was so cute to see them reconnect at Morgan and Kyra's wedding. It was like no time had passed. Well I guess much hadn' a month! :-)

You know those newlyweds. You've got to keep an eye on them! ;-)

She had had enough of the strained carrots! She was outta there!

Rach ruined her planned escape and she was not happy about it!

Heidi thought her plate was out of the picture. Instead it looks like she's an italian beef spokesmodel! :-)

Were just so close that we stand around and chat with our arms around each other! :-)

Something about this picture cracks me up! Maybe you can guess! Yes, it's Tami's creepy glowing eyes! She looks like Superman or something!

This was when I looked around and noticed that we had all sat down in families.

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Tami said...

oh the huber it. it was great getting to hang out with everyone! gotta love all the newly weds in the fam. :D