Monday, June 8, 2009

Eldora Iowa 4-25-09

So Matt asked him to accompany him to a wedding. I committed before I knew where. Maybe I should have found that out before I said yes. It was in Iowa and not like on the border of Iowa and Illinois....way into Iowa like through a whole lot of nothingness and five hours later, you're in Eldora! JK We had a lot of fun! I told him he'd be sick of me by the end of the trip, because I was pretty sure I'd have no trouble filling 10 hours round trip of car time, and I was right. I think I wore him out. He couldn't get a word in edgewise the whole car ride! haha

Eldora is small town out in the middle of nowhere. Our directions weren't real clear and when our turn for 12th street looked iffy, we drove on to see if maybe we had gotten the wrong road, but seriously, in a town of 500 people, is it possible to have TWO 12th streets?! No, it's not!

Matt and the bride Krystal. She was bound determined that Matt had stolen her Cubs keychain and she wanted to settle the score. He pleaded the 5th all night!

Apparently it's a pre-requisite to be named Matt to work for CAT IT. That was Caterpillar IT. When you read it like it is, cat it sounds funny! :-) Matt works in a department of like 5 Matts. It's kind of funny, especially when he specifically hangs out with all the Matts because they're all good friends!

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Tami said...

the picture of the bride behind matt cracks me up! something about it just looks really akward! probably because she's the bride and should be in the front.