Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dinner with the Dietrich's 5-20-09

The Dietrich's came down last month to see me. They wanted to see the happening town of Bloomington-Normal and see why I think this place is so much cooler than Bourbonnais! haha I took them to Biaggis. Italian is always a safe choice. I don't think Karen would have agreed to come if I had chosen Mexican! Just teasing Karen! :-)

It was a little tight on their side of the booth. Tiff was having a little trouble seeing her entire menu!

Lydia was so good! She even missed her nap, but she was so cute all night! Such a good sport! She likes girls night out too!

She loves her Grandma. Hard to believe she's a Grandma! She looks like she could be her mom!

Lydia is such a ham! Always cheesin for the camera!

Tiff decided to move to our side of the table. It had a little more room! She and I were like two peas in a pod on the ride home sharing in the same views on child rearing.......not currently wanting any! :-)

It's a rarety that my sisters actually think me or my clothes are cool enough, but this night was the exception because this was my shirt Kate has on! haha

Lydia wanted to talk to her brother. She was a natural on the cell phone. Watch out mom! She's going to need a lot of minutes! At one point I heard her said, "I already did! I did it like clean up, clean up......." She's 3 going on like 18! :-)

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Tami said...

so, were they convinced that bloomington is an awesome town?! :) biaggi's...good choice! that little girl really is cute...and i like both you and kait's shirts! :)