Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ringer Dinner 5-23-09

We did our monthly Ringger dinner again in May. David and Kate couldn't make it, so I should probably call it something else, but it's easier for me to remember if I refer to it as that. Otherwise I would have to call it the Ringger, Zeller, Huber, Studebaker, Betts, VanHoof, and Yonker dinner. That doesn't exactly roll easy off the tongue! We went to El Paso to Alex and Julie's and then all rode together to Tolouca where we ate at Capponi's. It's always funny to me how the most unlikely places have the best food! After dinner we headed back to Alex and Julie's and had some awesome cheesecake that Julie had made. It's always fun to hang out with this group!

Holly doesn't eat much of any meat which is a little tough at times when we eat out. After asking the waitress if they had 4 or 5 different entrees to which the answer was no, we suggested she consult the menu to maybe order something they actually do have! :-)

My ear looks like an elf in this picture for some reason. So I was trying really hard to be casual that night. I put on a black cotton sundress that I hadn't worn yet this year, threw on some flip flops and put my hair in a ponytail because I was too lazy to straighten or curl it. I walked into to Ash and Luke's and Ash met me on the steps and greeted me with "oooooh, are we going to prom?!" That's when I knew my attempt at a casual sundress didn't quite work. I took my earrings out to try to dress down the outfit but my bubbled hair was apparently adding to the dressiness! :-)

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Tami said...

hmm, two comments about prom in such a short time. maybe it's just because you're such a glamorous personality! :)
as for the "ringger dinner"...girl, you need to change that to "huber dinner" since you're the one that does all the planning!