Monday, June 15, 2009

Jill's First Pub II Experience 5-21-09

So we discovered a couple weeks that Jill had never eat at the Pub. Denise and I were horrified at the thought that she had never tasted the delectable fried greasy food that the Pub has to offer, so we introduced her to Pub's infamous cheese balls! She pretty much thought they were amazing like we do! She even missed her boyfriend's softball game to help us finish off the nachoes. Now that's committment! :-)

We had quite the spread: onion rings, popcorn chicken, nachos, and cheese balls!

We look like we coordinate and didn't even try to. I like the fact that I look tan next to Jill. I look tan until........

I get next to Denise! I'm pretty sure that she would make our african american friends look pale! haha

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Tami said...

um, just so you know, i've never eaten at the Pub either...sounds like we may have to go there some time! it's amazing how your complexion can change that's like a mood ring! :)