Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cubs Game 5-5-09

Ty was home the first two weeks of May on leave. Ironically, Tera and I both had bleacher seats for the Cubs game the same day. So we made a day of it and all went together. It was a great day! Great weather, great food, great company! We always love having Ty home because for one he's safe, he's that much closer to being home for good and he's hilarious to be around!

It was Tera's first Wrigley experience and she enjoyed every minute of it. She unfortunately wasn't feeling so good later in the day!

I love this guy! Like a brother to me and always has the funniest things to say. He's the first person I heard say "I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball"! haha

It was a fun game but the Cubs lost. They lost the last game I went to. I'm starting to see a pattern!

Keith and Ty's cousin Jason was off that day so he came with us. He bought that hat at the game. Looked like someone had beat the crap out of it and then sold it to him. What a sucker! haha

Looks almost like ballet out there!

Darn small forehead.......let's try this again!

I really need to put my hat on in front of a mirror! I can never see how far down it is until I see it in pictures! Keith was like um, yeah, we need to retake that. You can't see your eyes!

Ty had on the rally cap a little too long! Taking one for the team in hopes they'd pull out the win! Not this time!

What is it with people?! I say, can you take a picture of us with the field in the background. I don't mean that so literal. In my mind, the field is the stadium behind us. Apparently to everyone else that means the first 10 pactches of grass behind our heads!

See now THAT's a picture of the field behind. Fall all you know in that last photo, we could have been at a high school game!

Don't let them fool you! They're both teddy bears at heart! :-)

Picking out a t-shirt is a tough decision. When you are spending a whole $10 you want to make sure you don't have buyer's remorse!

It was after seeing this photo that I realized my gym workouts could be stepped up a bit! haha

My favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Chicago. I don't like margaritas so I opted for water, however I didn't have a lot of choice when Keith mistakenly dumped his margarita back into the water pitcher instead of the margarita pitcher. Nothing like lime tequila flavored water!

These two were BBF's.......bathroom buddies forever. They maybe had a little too much to drink all day they were like on the 10 minute rotation to the bathroom the whole game!

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Tami said...

now honestly, what was more fun, our game or this one? just kidding...don't answer that. :) looks like you got to the game a little earlier this time!