Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lake Hamilton

We don't get to spend a lot of time with the Hubers these days because everyone has kids and lives of their own that make things extremely busy, so when we had the chance to spend a weekend together, we all jumped at the chance. Rachel and Jason put together a lake weekend for us and it was a blast! We had a great time all being together and hope that it becomes a tradition because it was so fun!

Will apparently wakes up in the middle of the night and tells Jarod "yo dad, my exzema is bothering me!" :-) Amazing vocabulary that little guy has! haha

There is nothing about this angle that is flattering! I've got to remember that that hairstyle on me does NOT photograph well! haha

They were playing hide and seek in the tube! They almost fooled us!

Christen showed us all up with her mad wakeboarding skills!

Will tore it up out on the water on the jet ski! haha

He was a little natural skiing with Jarod. We were all terrified for him, but he was a trooper!

Having your dad ski with one hand and jostling you around isn't scary at all, but being safely secure back in the boat and watching your mom ski is deathly scary! :-)

I love those little chubby cheeks......Faye's that is! haha

No one believed me when I was lathering on 30spf. They all just ignored my warnings! Well they all got tan and I came home with nothing. Guess they showed me! haha

Jaret and Shar have the funniest kids!

This took about three tries to get one with everyone's eyes open.

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